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A smartphone test for delirium assessment in hospital

The August International Psychogeriatrics Article of the Month is entitled “Development of a smartphone application for the objective detection of attentional deficits in delirium” by Zoë Tieges, Antaine Stíobhairt, Katie Scott, Klaudia Suchorab, Alexander Weir, Stuart Parks, Susan Shenkin and Alasdair MacLullich. Delirium is a sudden disruption in consciousness and cognition marked by an inability to focus and sustain attention. People with delirium can also experience psychotic symptoms such as terrifying hallucinations and delusions. Read more

The 70th anniversary of World War II

Andrew I. Port 24 August 2015

No matter what inscrutable socio-biological function they may serve, all anniversaries are constructs. This is a point worth recalling as we celebrate for the 70th time the end of World War II.
Study area in Barre de Lisle rainforest (Jenny Daltry FFI)

Wising up to Caribbean frankincense

Jenny Daltry 26 August 2015

David Gill, Guest Editor of the Tree Conservation special issue of Oryx-The International Journal of Conservation, has chosen ‘Making business scents: how to harvest incense sustainably from the globally threatened lansan tree Protium attenuatum