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Traumatic Brain Injury and the speed of decline of Alzheimer’s Disease

The October International Psychogeriatrics Article of the Month is entitled ‘The association of traumatic brain injury with rate of progression of cognitive and functional impairment in a population-based cohort of Alzheimer’s disease: the Cache County Dementia Progression Study’ by Mac Gilbert, Christine Snyder, Chris Corcoran, Maria C. Norton, Constantine G. Lyketsos and JoAnn T. Tschanz
With a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s dementia comes an understanding that the affected individual will suffer an inevitable and progressive decline in their cognitive and functional abilities. Read more


The effect of heat damaged feed on pigs

Hans-Henrik Stein 7 October 2014

Many of the feed ingredients that are used in formulating diets for pigs have gone through heating or drying to make the ingredient stable for conservation. However, every time heat is applied to a feed ingredient, there is a risk that the ingredient can be overheated, which will result in the Maillard reaction that induces heat damage to the ingredient.

Lothian cohort corrected

A positive attitude to ageing

Susan Shenkin 12 September 2014

The September International Psychogeriatrics Article of the Month is entitled ‘Life course influences of physical and cognitive function and personality…


Sugar-sweetened beverages, not so sweet for your heart!

Amelie Keller 17 October 2014

Sugar-sweetened beverages, not so sweet for your heart! says Amélie Keller from the Institute of Preventive Medicine…, Frederiksberg Hospital, RegionH, Denmark. The association between sugar-sweetened beverages consumption and obesity and diabetes has largely been reported