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This specimen was released back into the water.

Taking a bite out of fisheries impacts on sharks and rays: data synthesis helps to estimate removals

Kelsey's James' article addresses growing concern over the effects of fishery's non-target catch on sharks, rays and skates worldwide.
Grammar Letters

Checking in on grammar checking

Claire Wash 27 April 2016

Reflecting back to 2004, industry expert Robert Dale reminds us of a time when Microsoft Word was the dominant software used for grammar checking. Bringing us up-to-date in 2016, Dale discusses the evolution, capabilities and current marketplace for grammar checking and its diverse range of users: from academics, men on dating websites to the fifty top celebrities on Twitter.
Toddler eating protein

Toddlers’ eating habits may harm long-term health 

Rowan Walker 11 April 2016

UK toddlers are consuming more calories and protein than recommended, potentially putting them at risk of obesity in later life, according to a new UCL study. The study, published today in the British Journal of Nutrition, showed children’s diets are lacking in fibre, vitamin D and iron but contain too much sodium which may lead to future health problems.