Progress in Echinoderm Paleobiology: A New Special Issue of the Journal of Paleontology

A new special issue of the Journal of Paleontology, published on 12th June 2017, brings together a collection of 17 papers focused on different aspects of echinoderm paleobiology.

MRS Communications Lecture Prize 2017

Sharon C. Glotzer, from the University of Michigan, has been awarded the 2017 MRS Communications Lecture Award.

Filtering out people from public space

Donald Trump’s election has brought the ‘filter bubble’ to the attention of a wider public: As a result of personalised search results and news-streams, Internet users get less and less exposed to conflicting viewpoints and are isolated intellectually in their own informational bubble.…

World’s biggest shark goes to school, thanks to 3D printing

University of Florida researchers are taking down the Plexiglas walls between museum collections and K-12 classrooms with an educational program that uses 3-D printed fossils and hands-on lessons to spark young learners’ interest in science, technology, engineering and math. The researchers published an assessment of their pilot lesson plan in “Paleontological Society Special Publications” The study '3-D Fossils for K-12 Education: A Case Example Using the Giant Extinct Sharkcarcharocles Megalodon'

Is Palmer Amaranth Developing Traits That Make It Harder to Control?

New research featured in the journal Weed Science, shows “life history” traits may be contributing to crop losses by making Palmer amaranth more aggressive and difficult to control.

European, universal or mestizo? where was international law born, and why it matters today

From China’s assertive sovereignty claims in the South China Sea, to Russia’s intervention in Crimea, to America’s withdrawal from international regimes like the Paris Accord, international law’s potential to contribute to global governance has been dramatically tested.…

Nature’s guide to building submarines

New research published recently in JFM, will help to direct future research on the deployment of sensory arrays that could be used to guide underwater autonomous vehicles.

Proving the Kepler Conjecture

In 1998, Thomas Hales and Samuel Ferguson announced a proof of the Kepler conjecture – a famous problem in discrete geometry that had remained unsolved for over 300 years.…