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JMO Aug 2016

Enhancing human resource practices and firm performance: Evidence from India

Based on an article written in Journal of Management & Organization Over the past few years, the Indian economy is witnessing an annual growth rate of 7–10% and its industrial sectors are expanding at a very fast pace in response to the increased liberalization and privatization. It is quite natural that the interests of both academicians and HR practitioners around the globe now lie in examining the kind of contemporary HRM systems that are effective in Indian organizations. Read the rest
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Glaciology Q&A with Sérgio H. Fario

Sérgio Faria 12 August 2016

In this blog Sérgio H. Fario – one of four new Associate Chief Editors for the journals of the International Glaciological Society, Journal of Glaciology and Annals of Glaciology – answers questions on where glaciology is at now,…
Pope John VII (705-7): portrait mosaic . A remnant from his oratory in Old St Peter’s Rome, now in the Vatican grottoes of St Peter’s Basilica.

The creation of medieval papal history

Rosamond McKitterick 8 August 2016

Rosamond McKitterick, University of Cambridge, discusses her forthcoming article ‘The papacy and Byzantium in the seventh- and early eighth-century sections of the Liber pontificalis’, which will be published in Papers of the British School at Rome later this year.
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How to write about China and India

Ali Fox 5 August 2016

How to write about China and India – Jahnavi Phalkey As  BJHS Themes, the new, fully open access, peer-reviewed journal from the British Society for the History of Science, publishes its first issue, one of…