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How maths could help predict future crime and terrorist attacks

From terrorist attacks to riots and residential burglaries, the latest special issue of the European Journal of Applied Mathematics – published by Cambridge University Press – includes a series of cutting-edge articles that show how maths can be used to predict a broad range of problems related to crime and security.
Vitamin D

New study finds depression associated with vitamin D deficiency among urban Malaysian women

Foong Ming Moy 18 May 2016

Researchers from the Julius Centre University of Malaya (JCUM) have found a relationship between vitamin D deficiency and depressive symptoms among urban Malaysian women. More than two-thirds of the women who participated in the study, published in Public Health Nutrition, were vitamin D deficient, and those with vitamin D deficiency were at a higher risk for depression and reported poorer mental health.
Child Emotions

The role of Emotion Regulation in childhood obesity

Nathalie Michels 10 May 2016

Stress and negative emotions pose a major threat to public health, by increasing the risk of obesity. The Nutrition Society Paper of the Month for May is from Nutrition Research Reviews and discusses how Emotional Regulation (ER) could help combat and treat childhood obesity.
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Solving classification questions in sponge biology

Dirk Erpenbeck 26 May 2016

In this blog Dr Dirk Erpenbeck talks about his co-authored paper Nothing in (sponge) biology makes sense – except when based on holotypes which featured in the New Frontiers in Sponge Science special issue from Journal of the Marine