Estimating children’s food portion sizes: does it make a difference whether the evaluator is a parent or an early educator?

The Nutrition Society Paper of the Month for March is from the Journal of Nutritional Science and is entitled ‘Accuracy in the estimation of children's food portion sizes against a food picture book by parents and early educators’

Women Investors and the Virginia Company in the Early Seventeenth Century

Unfolding the histories of women who invested in the Virginia Company was the starting-point of this research, but as I began tracing Romney and Hueriblock through the archives, I learned that their involvement in the Virginia Company was part of a wider story.

Making waves in the world of renewable energy

Renewable sources of energy such as wind and solar power are becoming commonplace across the world, but yet it often seems that we are still searching for the renewable resource that will revolutionise the energy industry.…

On Not Recognizing Kadu: Russian place naming in the Pacific Islands, 1804–1830

Our umbrella theme is the poorly known contributions of early nineteenth-century Russian navigators and mapmakers to global cartographic knowledge of the far-flung Marshall, Caroline, and Tuamotu archipelagoes. A particular focus is the varied extent to which Russian place names registered local agency during encounters or drew on navigational knowledge divulged by expert Indigenous practitioners.

Predicting eating quality of beef: the myth is becoming a reality

Consumers want beef that is safe, nutritious and of predictable eating quality. Beef traits should match these expectations. Two recently published papers reviewed research into predicting beef quality.…

The Place of the Holy Man

The early centuries in the history of Christian asceticism, and of monasticism that it gave rise to, invite a short and accessible overview.

Reconsidering Revelation: Historical Explorations and Contemporary Murmurs

The theophany at Sinai and the idea of revelation are among the core issues of Jewish theology

Cambridge holds inaugural Partners Summit

Academic welcomed 50 of our journal society partners and editors from all over the world to our inaugural summit