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The impact of supermarkets on children’s diets

The siting of full – service supermarkets within neighborhoods considered to be “food deserts” may not result in healthful dietary habits or reductions in childhood obesity as hoped for, at least in the short term according to a new study by NYU School of Medicine researchers in the February 26th online edition of the journal Public Health Nutrition.
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NEW YORK CITY - JUNE 6, 2014: Battery Urban Farm gardening project in NYC. This one acre farm is the largest educational farm in Manhattan.

Cultivating Urban Agriculture in the USA

Carolyn Dimitri 13 February 2015

Local food was once considered the purview of consumers and small-scale producers. Recently, policymakers, including those in cities, began embracing local food systems as a solution to a myriad of urban problems, including a lack of green space and access to healthy foods. As part of this shift, cities and other jurisdictions have embraced agricultural production in the urban environment


A new approach to public health

Dr Norman Temple 19 February 2015

An Athabasca University researcher is calling on governments to implement a new comprehensive approach to nutritional education and nutrition policy he’s calling “strategic nutrition”. In a paper published in the journal Public Health Nutrition…,

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The Origin of Parasites

Dr Andrew P. Jackson 9 February 2015

This Feburary Parasitology published an Open Access Supplement entitled The Evolution of Parasite Genomes and the Origins of Parasitism….  The guest-editor Dr Andrew Jackson from the Department of Infection Biology at the University of