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What is Music Education?

It might be presumed that by having the words music education in its title, the British Journal of Music Education (BJME) would have a coherent view as to what its main topic of interest ought to be! But as we have often said, BJME is a ‘broad church’, and all sorts of interpretations of the terminology are welcomed. But sometimes, especially for students embarking on academic study of the domain, definitions can be helpful. Read more


Feeding Cows Efficiently: A review

Erin Connor 9 March 2015

Because the cost of feeding animals is one of the greatest expenses in dairy production (40-60% of production costs), research focused on ways to identify and select for animals that are the most efficient at converting feed into milk has greatly expanded during the last decade. The animal Article of the Month is a review of current methodologies, advances, and future challenges for improving feed efficiency in growing dairy heifers and lactating cows