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Good days and bad days in dementia

The August International Psychogeriatrics Article of the Month is entitled ‘Good days and bad days in dementia: a qualitative chart review of variable symptom expression’ by Kenneth Rockwood, Sherri Fay, Laura Hamilton, Elyse Ross and Paige Moorhouse.
Anyone who works with people with dementia is bound to experience poignant moments. Especially striking is hearing that a person seemingly lost to permanent unknowing – even near muteness – suddenly spoke a full sentence, or sometimes more. Read more


Land Use vs. Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Localising Livestock Feed Production

Yaw Sasu-Boakye 15 August 2014

Soya beans is an important protein feedstuff for livestock. It is common practice that farmers would produce grains for livestock and import soya beans from other farms (mainly from South America). But this practice, which disconnects the production of grains and protein crops, reduces the effectiveness of some ecological functions (e.g. nutrient cycling and pest control) that could mitigate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from livestock production. Moreover, soya bean production and expansion in South America is linked to GHG emissions resulting from deforestation in that region.

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Mixed crop-livestock farming systems: a sustainable way to produce beef?

Patrick Veysset 13 August 2014

Mixed crop–livestock farming has gained broad consensus as an economically and environmentally sustainable farming system. But while such a farming system could ideally reduce both the inputs needed for production as well as fluxes of nutrients towards the atmosphere and hydrosphere, there seems to be a gap between the conceptual model and observations in commercial farms