Ancient Rome is back on the map. The success of TV shows like Mary Beard’s Meet the Romans has helped viewers rediscover the city and illuminated the streets of Rome in the public’s imagination. Cambridge Journals is proud to publish a number of leading Classics Journals which bring new research and findings to an ever widening audience. Since 2011 we have been privileged to publish the Papers of the British School at Rome (PBSR), a leading journal devoted to research about Italy and Rome from a wide range of disciplines. To help you piece together a more vivid picture of Roman civilisation, we invite you to complete our online jigsaw puzzle.

Those of you who subscribe to the Papers may will have seen the 2011 cover image which features a section of the city from a 1570 printed from the hand coloured engraving by Pirro Ligorio. We have taken the full scale image and dismantled Ancient Rome for you to rebuild it- as an online jigsaw puzzle.

Rome wasn’t built in a day?
Give it a try and see how quickly you can rebuild Rome with the PBSR online jigsaw at (hosted by

As an incentive to complete the puzzle we invite you to send a screenshot of your completed puzzle with time to The quickest time will be awarded with a £50 Cambridge University Press books voucher, and the top 5 places will be each awarded a copy of paperback The City in the Roman West, c.250 BC to c.AD 250. Competition closes on June 30th 2012.

The Papers of the British School at Rome is a peer reviewed international journal devoted to research on Italy from the whole range of the humanities disciplines. It contains articles on the entire period from prehistory to the contemporary, and with important archaeological news, including the latest discoveries in the city of Rome.

The City in the Roman West is part of the extensive Classical Studies list from Cambridge University Press. See the full catalogue here. 

PBSR Rome map

 Image: Detail from Pirro Ligorio (c. 1513–83), Urbis Romae situs cum iis quae adhuc conspiciuntur veter. monument. reliquiis Pyrrho Ligorio neap. invent., 1570, engraving, hand coloured.

British School at Rome, Ashby Collection, tapri-mis-089.


  1. Hello, I’ve sent my screenshot a few days back but haven’t heard anything yet. Is this normal?

  2. Dear Jorge,
    The deadline for the competition was the 30th June, so I’m in the process of collating the winning times and hopefully I’ll be able to announce the winners next week. Watch this space!
    Many thanks,

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