“Study the past if you would divine the future.” Advised Confucious

Stefano Battilossi, the Editor of Financial History Review, actively encourages the same position in his editorial initiative ‘”The Past Mirror: surveys, notes and debates”. The section is an advocate of the relevance of history for a proper understanding of present financial and monetary developments, and no less importantly for informed and educated policy responses to them. Given the current worldwide financial climate, the timing of this enterprise is highly appropriate. Papers published in this collection so far include:

  • Banking crises, yesterday and today
    Charles Calomiris
  • The Great Depression analogy
    Michael Bordo and Harold James
  • Banking crises and the international monetary system in the Great Depression and now
    Richhild Moessner and William A. Allen
  • The changing role of central banks
    C. A. E. Goodhart
  • The joint production of confidence: lessons from nineteenth-century US commercial banks for twenty-first-century Euro area governments
    Adalbert Winkler
    and in the most recent issue (April 2012):
  • The vanishing banker
    Marc Flandreau

Free online access is available to all of them until 30th June 2012.


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