Greece & Rome  is a journal which delivers scholarly research to a wide audience. Its ambition to challenge younger audiences, in particular school age children studying Ancient Greek and Latin, led to the journal publishing crosswords on a regular basis from 1932 to 1946, with additional puzzles in 1962 and 1970. The crosswords published in the journal included clues in Greek, Latin and English with some embracing all three languages (the Triglot crossword).  Competitions for prose translation (with a prize of half a guinea for the best entry) were also included alongside articles and reviews on ancient history, literature, art, archaeology, religion, philosophy, and reception of the ancient world.

Greece & Rome still strives to inspire academics of all ages into studying and enjoying Classics. For this reason we have brought to life a selection of the ‘classic’ crosswords and and are offering them all free of charge until the 31st December 2013. Me veterem luctum tangere, tene piget ? Haerebis pressis . . . mea pectora membris (praepositio)? Any thoughts? Try the crosswords for yourself on the below links*.

View all the crossword puzzles here

View all the crossword solutions here 

*Please note that it is no longer possible to send your completed crosswords in, and that prizes will not be awarded for entries completed. We do hope however that you enjoy the challenge!

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