E-commerce opens up a wealth of opportunities for our customers, allowing them to purchase our content easily and securely, 24 hours a day. It also enables streamlined processing of Open Access Article Payments Charges (APCs), minimizing the delay between acceptance and publication. With our customers ranging from students and researchers, to librarians, to authors, to editors, we understand the need to make content readily available in a wide variety of formats.

With this in mind, Cambridge Journals Online (CJO) offers the option to purchase subscriptions, single issue/volume sales, pay-per-view articles and membership purchases, rent articles, and soon submit APCs, all at the click of a mouse.

Hand in hand with the expansion of online shopping across the web comes the need to develop increasingly sophisticated methods of handling customer transactions. While e-commerce has been a feature of CJO for some years, we ensure that our payment systems are regularly updated; we are committed to ensuring that CJO and remains a safe and secure platform on which to shop.

CJO incorporates PCI compliance

Further updates to online payment protection include the wider implementation of a PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliant system on CJO and CJO Mobile, ensuring that all personal information entered by our customers, including credit card and contact details, are handled by a third-party provider. This means that these details are entered onto an externally hosted order page, and never interact directly with CJO itself. Personal data is kept entirely separate, reassuring our customers that they can safely purchase orders through CJO and CJO Mobile at any time, be it on a desktop, phone or tablet.

PCI compliance also helps to alleviate fraud, with 3D-Secure authentication, bank checks and card and address verification.

PCI Compliance is in place across both CJO and CJO mobile, and is currently in place for all currencies, with the exception of USD transactions, which will also be adopting the PCI compliant system in the near future.

Open Access

Included in the latest online payment improvements on CJO is the adoption of Copyright Clearance Center‘s (CCC) RightsLink® for Open Access to manage Article Processing Charges for our Open Access publications. Set to launch on CJO this autumn, RightsLink for Open Access will allow our authors to place online orders for APCs with confidence and ease.

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