History without royalty? Queen and the strata of the popular music canon

My article, ‘History without royalty?  Queen and the strata of the popular music canon’, published in Popular Music (32.3), investigates canonisation processes in popular music, using Queen as a case study.  The ‘popular music canon’ has been discussed in popular music studies for over a decade now, and canonisation is not always welcome.…

‘We are here to salute the Red Army’: Basil Dean and His Russian Adventures

The latest issue of Theatre Survey includes an article by Dr Claire Warden entitled ‘“We are here to salute the Red Army”: Basil Dean and His Russian Adventures’.

What is the Most Influential History Journal?

What is the most influential historical journal published in English? The answer, according to Google Scholar, is The Journal of Economic History.

Curriculum writing in music education: who’s in control?

This blogpost was adapted from Regina Murphy and Martin Fautley’s Editorial of British Journal of Music Education 30/3. We write curriculum documents that are full of good intentions – ambitious musical aims, the highest educational aspirations and holistic principles that place the learner at the centre.…

History meets fiction in Doctor Who, ‘The Fires of Pompeii’

Back in spring 2008 the new Doctor Who was entering its fourth season. David Tennant was the Doctor, Catherine Tate was his companion Donna, and Pompeii was the destination of their first journey through time together.…

Did the Iron Age death ritual involve wild bird sacrifice?

Did the Iron Age death ritual involve wild bird sacrifice?  Was Roman Cirencester named ‘Cironium’ not ‘Corinium’? What can we learn from the Monastic Foundation at Anglo-Saxon Lyminge in Kent? The latest volume of The Antiquaries Journal includes 3 fascinating articles that explore these questions, and these are available free of charge until the 31st January 2014.

Performance and the Everyday

This blogpost is adapted from Charlotte Canning’s Editorial of the latest issue of Theatre Research International (TRI). Where do the limits of performance and everyday life intersect?…

What does it mean to be un-American?

We are pleased to announce the publication of the “Un-America” Special issue of of Journal of American Studies. As an introduction to the topic of Un-Americanism, Dr George Lewis, Guest Editor of the Special Issue examines the topic and asks what un-Americanism is and whether it is still a relevant term today.