Angry protestors; crowds cheering as the Berlin Wall falls – the role emotions play in protests

Angry protestors battling the forces of order; workers celebrating during strikes and factory occupations; colourfully dressed hippies happily dancing; crowds cheering as the Berlin Wall fell; songs of protest that call for solidarity and hope; protestors that demand ‘better’ feelings, like ‘free love’ or ‘less fear’ – protests, revolts and revolutions are, it seems, moments of intense emotions.…

The Uncertainty of Help

What role do local institutions of mutual security play in managing the growing economic and political uncertainties in African communities today?…

Cambridge University Press Celebrate Open Access Week By Announcing A New Open Access Unit

This week is Open Access week, the ideal time to formally announce a dedicated Open Access unit at the Press. Mandy Hill, Managing Director for Academic at the Press, explains

‘Dipping a toe into the water of open access’

 ‘Dipping a toe into the water of open access’ : An Editor and Society’s perspective on the launch of a new open access history of science journal I think it is fair to say that both scholars and publishers are still feeling their way in the new world of open access.…

From Sutton Place to Easter Island:
new insights from the latest volume of
The Antiquaries Journal

The 2014 volume of The Antiquaries Journal  is now available online. In this blogpost, the journal’s Assistant Editor, Christopher Catling, provides a summary of four articles from the volume, which you can download and share at no cost until 31st October 2014.…

Introducing Ben Jonson Online

The Cambridge Edition of the Works of Ben Jonson is now available as an online resource collection.    The first release of the online version of The Cambridge Edition of the Works of Ben Jonson took place in January 2014.…

Albert Schweitzer and the Jews

In this blogpost, James Carleton Paget discusses his article ‘Albert Schweitzer and the Jews‘, which was published in Harvard Theology Review in July 2014 (107/3).

Cambridge Archive Editions Online

Cambridge Archive Editions is a unique collection of collated diplomatic papers copied from the international archives at Kew in London. We are delighted to announce, it is now available as an online collection.