Cambridge University Press has received one of The International Excellence Awards at this year’s London Book Fair. The Press was awarded the Accessible Book Consortium’s Award for Accessible Publishing.

The Accessible Book Consortium’s Award for Accessible Publishing is a new award, given for the first time, to recognize outstanding leadership or achievements in improving the accessibility of commercial ebooks or other digital publications to persons with print disabilities.

The technical progress was detailed in the submission; it described how The Press’s ebook files were as accessible as possible, and the work of the Permissions team to provide a service via PDFs and licenses where an ebook is not available or not suitable for a reader with print disabilities.

The jury both consisting of experts from the publishing industry and from organizations representing those with print disabilities “were deeply impressed by the quality of your [The Press’s] applications. There is clearly much going on around the world to improve the accessibility of ebooks and other digital publications and you have shown us the vanguard.”

Judges praised The Press’s “leadership and digital capability” and said it set “a great example to the global publishing industry on what it is possible to do in providing access to content for print-impaired people”.

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