I have joined the International Glaciological Society (IGS) journals team, as editorial involvement and the reviewing process are intrinsically important to the advancement of science and the formation of scientific community. In my capacity as Associate Chief Editor, I will be working on upholding the longstanding IGS publication record through its new collaboration with Cambridge University Press, advocate cryospheric research, and enthuse scientists to publish, read, discuss and reference IGS publications, as well as use its science to further research ideas and projects. I favour a high-quality high-ranked journal that is accessible to all for publication. Fairness and clarity in assessments and decisions, timely response and publication, and enhancement of inclusiveness and equality in both the authors and reviewers pools, are important. I have several ideas for new of types of papers, or those hitherto underrepresented in IGS publications, in order to enhance the breadth of the Journal of Glaciology and Annals of Glaciology. I would also like to actively solicit ideas for improvement of IGS publications from my fellow ACEs, our Scientific Editors, and the IGS membership as a whole.

Hester Jiskoot is an Associate Professor of Physical Geography at the University of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. She earned her BSc (Physical Geography) and MSc (Glacial Geomorphology) from the University of Amsterdam, and her PhD (Glaciology) from the University of Leeds. Her main research interests are in glacier-climate-environment interactions in Alpine and Arctic regions, with a focus on glacier surging; surface energy balance; glacier edge effects (fog, rockslides, terrain); terminus fluctuations; and historic Arctic weather. In her Glaciology & Geoscience Lab, team members use fieldwork, remote sensing, GIS, statistical and numerical analysis, and glacier inventories. Since 1991, Hester has been a member and leader of glaciological expeditions in Greenland, Svalbard, Iceland, Alaska, the Himalayas, and the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Hester has been a member of several Editorial Boards, is President of the Western Division of the Canadian Association of Geographers, Fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society, and was awarded an NSERC University Faculty Award.


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