Intel’s Carolyn Duran stays the course toward conflict-free minerals

Because of its high strength and favorable dielectric properties, tantalum has become an invaluable material to the microelectronics industry. That value, unfortunately, has not been lost on rebel militias in the heart of Africa, where the extraction of the lustrous metal has become a deadly means for financing civil war.

Nanotubes? Buckyballs? Diamondoids? All the latest advances in carbon-based tribomaterials revealed in the July Focus Issue of Journal of Materials Research

The July Journal of Materials Research (JMR) Focus Issue highlights some of the latest thinking and remaining challenges when it comes to evaluating the potential of carbon-based materials for tribological systems.

What does an 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions mean for light-duty vehicles in the United States?

Light-duty vehicles (LDV) are a huge source of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the United States. To avoid the worst effects of global climate change, we need to cut these emissions by 80% by 2050.

Expect the Unexpected

Would you think that materials can have negative elastic constants or even negative mass density?

Hedging in the Anthropocene: the risks and rewards of a fossil fuel versus a photovoltaic energy supply

The climate is changing. We have left the Holocene and entered the Anthropocene, the era in which human enterprise is pushing the planetary functioning of essential cycles (e.g. of CO2) into a potentially unstable regime. Human enterprise, by burning fossil fuels for electrical, heat and motive power is the central cause of climate change, and is driven by an economic system that promotes insatiable consumption.

Winner of the 2015 Journal of Materials Research Paper of the Year Award Announced

Dr. Chong-Min Wang, Chief Scientist at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and a leading expert in atomic-level characterization/visualization of materials structure using electron microscopy and spectroscopy, is the winner of the Journal of Materials Research (JMR) 2015 Paper of the Year Award

2016 MRS Communications Lecture

The MRS Communications Lecture recognizes excellence in the field of materials research through work published in MRS Communications. It is intended to honor the authors of an outstanding paper published in the journal during the award year.…