Pi Day is celebrated around the world on the 14th day of the 3rd month. The date representation of 3.14 is the most basic ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter, but it also has this going for it:

314 backward

Which, of course, means that mathematicians everywhere love their pi.

In celebration of Pi Day we have collected the most popular papers of 2016 from Forum of Mathematics, Pi (FMP), an open access alternative to leading generalist mathematics journals. FMP’s Mathematics Citation Quotient – a ratio of citations to papers published in the five previous years – was a robust 4.00 in 2015.

In honor of this special day for mathematics nerds everywhere, enjoy reading Forum of Mathematics, Pi’s ten most popular papers from 2016.

  1. Existence of q-analogs of Steiner Systems
  2. An Alternate Proof of Wise’s Malnormal Special Quotient Theorem
  3. Global Uniqueness for the Calderón Problem with Lipschitz Conductivities
  4. Paracontrolled Distributions and Singular PDES
  5. Metrix XpInequalities
  6. The α-invariant and Thompson’s Conjecture
  7. Modified Scattering for the Cubic Schrödinger Equation on Product Spaces and Applications
  8. p-Adic Hodge Theory for Rigid-Analytical Varieties
  9. Kudla’s Modularity Conjecture and Formal Fourier – Jacobi Series
  10. p-Adic Hodge Theory for Rigid-Analytical Varieties – Corrigendum

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Forum of Mathematics, Pi and Forum of Mathematics, Sigma are an exciting new development in journal publishing. Together they offer fully open access publication combined with peer review standards set by an international editorial board of the highest caliber, and all backed by Cambridge University Press and our commitment to quality. Strong research papers from all parts of pure mathematics and related areas are welcome. All published papers are free online to readers in perpetuity.

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