Extracts from a recent Editorial by MRS Bulletin Editor-in-Chief Gopal R. Rao on the recent launch of the re-designed MRS Bulletin site.

MRS Bulletin Background
MRS Bulletin
has had an online presence since the late 1990s. As is the case with most scientific journals and publications today, archives of the journal were scanned, and all issues were made available online a few years ago. Graduate students today access journals online without ever touching the paper versions. Our reading habits beyond scientific publications have also moved to electronic screens of one form or another, though a good fraction of readers continue to prefer paper versions for specific types of publications. So it has been clear to us for many years that MRS Bulletin needed to move in this direction.

The newly launched digital MRS Bulletin 

After a couple of iterations of the online MRS Bulletin, a new digital MRS Bulletin  was unveiled in late 2016 in conjunction with our publishing partner Cambridge University Press. The digital MRS Bulletin is now the issue of record each month.

With the new site, our intention was not to go electronic for the sake of going electronic. The website incorporates materials news that changes daily along with the traditional MRS Bulletin content. The site also includes rich multimedia content and other features that are expected to continue to grow in the coming months.

How can readers and researchers have your say?

What is not changing is our commitment to the highest quality of content and its presentation. Whatever the format, the goal is to make the information valuable and accessible to the materials community and beyond.

We have been fortunate in having many outstanding and dedicated volunteers from the materials community who have and continue to work with MRS Bulletin staff to generate content. MRS Bulletin would not be where it is today without these efforts.

But we want to ensure we hear your voice. Please let us know what you think of the changes, how MRS Bulletin can do better, how it can help you in your career and profession. Contact us if you want to be more involved or to contribute, whether through a handwritten letter on paper by “snail mail,” an email, or a tweet to @MRSBulletin—the format is not important. As is true for the print versus digital MRS Bulletin



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