Cambridge Core, the combined ebook and journal platform, launched in September 2016. The site was informed by extensive market research and feedback from our users including over 9,000 researchers and librarians. Using an agile development methodology we have continued to develop and build functionality on Cambridge Core in response to the needs of our librarian customers.

Below are a few of the requests for improvements made by the librarian community, followed by details of how we resolved and implemented these on the platform.

For more information on the functionality in development please read our new leaflet here.

You asked…. we delivered

  1. Can we have Inbound OpenURLs to help users search our library catalogue?
    We created a link syntax to enable you to set up OpenURL queries pointing to Cambridge Core, using base URL
  2. Are COUNTER4 reports available?
    Cambridge Core is now compliant with release 4 of the COUNTER code of practice.
  3. Can we have greater visibility of the type of access we have to a product?
    We have made the access representation more granular. Instead of ‘access’ or ‘no access’ this is now broken out to show past subscriptions, current subscriptions, Open Access and archive. The access labels are available on all issues pages of journals, journals listing pages, home and article pages.
  4. Can we have better signposting to, and in, the librarian administrator account area?
    In your organisation account we changed the label from ‘Reports’ to ‘Usage statistics’ and ‘User guides’ to ‘User guides and training’, added a prominent registration button, and changed the name to ‘My Account’ from ‘My Core’.
  5. We would like more granularity in COUNTER reports
    Collection titles are now available in BR COUNTER reports, so that you can filter the report down to see only usage for books in a given collection.
  6. Can we have OpenURL links when no access is available via Cambridge Core?
    OpenURL links are now available in search results, content listings and at the content level, on content your patrons do not have access to on Cambridge Core. This enables them to check whether a physical copy is available in your institution or an electronic copy via a different online source
  7. How can we see the accessibility information more clearly?
    The accessibility page on Cambridge Core now provides very clear information regarding our commitment to adhere to level 2 of the W3C. View our accessibility information page at
  8. Is it possible to create the functionality to download MARC records by order number?
    It is now possible to locate and download MARC records by order date and order number. We have added an autosuggest in the order dropdown so that you can start typing in or copy/paste an order number/date instead of having to scroll down the entire list.
  9. We would like the ability to view Cambridge Core pages within a SerialsSolutions frame
    We have authorised SerialsSolutions to frame Cambridge Core pages so that they can be presented within your discovery service frame.


To find out more about forthcoming functionality and changes that we are making as a result of feedback from our librarian customers- please read our new leaflet here

If you have any suggestions for future improvements that could be made to the Cambridge Core platform, we welcome your feedback:

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