Climate change and risks to fossil fuel industry: sustainability train has left the station

Two seminal articles by energy experts in the latest issue of MRS Energy and Sustainability (MRS E&S) examine the climate-related risks facing the fossil fuel industry and conclude that the sustainability train has already well and truly left the station – and is not coming back.

Using habitat connectivity models to save endangered species: a case study for the San Martin titi monkey, in northern Peru

The latest EC Perspectives paper from Environmental Conservation is entitled ‘Rapid conservation assessment for endangered species using habitat connectivity models‘ by Danica Schaffer-Smith, Jennifer J.…

Susmita Bose appointed JMR Associated Editor for Biomaterials

Journal of Materials Research is pleased to announce the appointment of Professor Susmita Bose as Associate Editor for Biomaterials.

Male or female? Challenging evidence of sex differences amongst dinosaurs

A paleontologist at the Canadian Museum of Nature is countering decades of studies that assert that some dinosaurs can be identified as male or female based on the shapes and sizes of their bones.

Kids’ Wildlife Preferences Differ from Island to Mainland

Growing up on an island or mainland location can shape the way children think about wildlife, including which species they prefer, according to North Carolina State University research, published in Environmental Conservation. Comparison surveys of children living in the Bahamas and in North Carolina reveal significant differences and potential challenges for wildlife-conservation efforts on islands.

The impact of residual herbicides on Fall-seeded cover crops

Cover crops are attracting widespread attention for the benefits they provide in crop rotations, especially for soil health. However, many growers of corn and soybean crops know it can be challenging to establish fall-seeded cover crops.

Introducing Quaternary Research – an interdisciplinary journal

Quaternary Research has a nearly 50-year, distinguished history of publishing articles of interdisciplinary interest on the evidence for Quaternary climatic and environmental change, as well as its effects on landscapes, ecosystems, and human populations, and many significant articles have been published in the journal over the years.

Pilot Study for the Determination of Death After Cardiac Arrest

Written on behalf of the study investigators Loretta Norton, Raechelle M. Gibson, Teneille Gofton, Carolyn Benson, Sonny Dhanani, Sam D. Shemie, Laura Hornby, Roxanne Ward, and G.…

Celebrate Pi Day with Forum of Mathematics

Pi Day is celebrated around the world on the 14th day of the 3rd month. The date representation of 3.14 is the most basic ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter, but it also has this going for it: Which, of course, means that mathematicians everywhere love their pi.…

World Wildlife Day 2017: Survey of uncharted Myanmar region finds Southeast Asia’s last great wilderness

Photo credit: Karen Wildlife Conservation Initiative (KWCI).   Yangon, Myanmar (3 March) – The Karen Wildlife Conservation Initiative (KWCI), with financial support from WWF and other partners, have conducted six camera traps surveys in the hill forests of Northern Karen State, Myanmar, previously inaccessible to biologists and conservationists for security and political reasons.  The surveys found at least 31 mammals including tigers, leopards and Asian Elephants.…

Is REDD+ Dead? Why there is still potential for business to save forests

The latest EC Perspectives paper from Environmental Conservation is entitled 'Understanding the demand for REDD+ credits' by Timothy Laing, Luca Taschini and Charles Palmer. In this blog Timothy Laing discusses the research.

The ear stone shape found in parrotfish reveal differences between species

Laith A. Jawad, one of the authors of ‘Morphology study of the otoliths of the parrotfish, Chlorurus sordidus (Forsskål, 1775) and Hipposcarus harid (Forsskål, 1775) from the Red Sea coast of Egypt (Family: Scaridae)’ recently published in JMBI provides us further insight into this research.…