New MRS Award in renewable energy technology

MRS Nelson Buck Robinson Science and Technology Award for Renewable Energy - for early-career researchers announced

Gallery of Fluid Motion video contest

Every year the Gallery of Fluid Motion video contest features the newest and most beautiful research in fluid dynamics – get an inside look at some of this year’s entries and hear from the researchers responsible.…

JFM Symposium Bangalore

As the Social Media Editor for JFM, I was kindly asked to document the first-ever JFM Symposia: From Fundamentals to Applied Fluid Mechanics that took place in the three Indian cities of Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai in December 2017.…

JMR: Supporting Early Career Scholars in Materials Science

Journal of Materials Research (JMR) publishes an annual Issue that is devoted to early career scholars in Materials Science. The Issue provides a unique opportunity to be highlighted and promoted early in one’s research career and in order to increase attention to these papers, the issue is fully open access. 

Science before the Big Bang

Manu Paranjape, author of The Theory and Applications of Instanton Calculations, discusses the science behind Stephen Hawking’s recent interview on Star Talk.…

On the Cover of HPL: Assembly and Metrology of NIF target subassemblies using robotic systems

When the first targets for the National Ignition Campaign (NIC) at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) were built to be fielded on the National Ignition Facility (NIF) in the late 2000’s, the assemblies were handcrafted, meticulously measured, and carefully tested. The resulting assemblies were literally one-of-a-kind and fairly fragile pieces of art, as well as fully functional high energy density physics targets. They were true engineering marvels.