Interactions between nutrients in the maternal diet and the implications for the long-term health of the offspring

The Nutrition Society Paper of the Month for December is from Proceedings of the Nutrition Society and is entitled 'Interactions between nutrients in the maternal diet and the implications for the long-term health of the offspring'  by Author William D. Rees.

Regular trips out guard against depression in old age

New study from The British Journal of Psychiatry finds clear link between cultural engagement and lower risk.

Policy could be the key to meeting breastfeeding goals

Public Health Nutrition Editorial Highlight ‘‘Why do we need a policy?’ Administrators’ perceptions on breast-feeding-friendly childcare’ Authors: Stephanie L Marhefka, Vinita Sharma, Ellen J Schafer, DeAnne Turner, Oluyemisi Falope, Adetola Louis-Jacques, Mary M Wachira, Taylor Livingston and Regina Maria Roig-Romero discuss their research below.

Patient-carer relationships disrupted by hospital reorganisation

Research from King’s College London, published in The British Journal of Psychiatry suggests that reorganisation of mental health services can have a negative effect on the health of people with severe mental illness, due to the disruption of relationships between patients and carers.

Caenorhabditis elegans can survive on a diet of human red blood cells

The latest Paper of the Month from Parasitology is ‘Haematophagic Caenorhabditis elegans‘ by Veeren M Chauhan and David I Pritchard Necator americanus, also known as the “American Murderer,” is a parasitic hookworm that thrives in tropical and subtropical soil and is thought to infect more than 10% of the global population (> 700 million people worldwide).…

Looking beyond the food system: A policy framework for Healthy and Equitable Eating (HE2)

Public Health Nutrition Editorial Highlight: ‘Extending the paradigm: a policy framework for healthy and equitable eating (HE2)’ Authors: Sharon Friel and Melanie Pescud, School of Regulation and Global Governance (RegNet), ANU discuss their research below.

Insects as sources of iron and zinc in human nutrition

The Nutrition Society Paper of the Month for November is from Nutrition Research Reviews and is entitled ‘Insects as sources of iron and zinc in human nutrition’ by Authors: Martin Mwangi, Dennis Oonincx, Tim Stouten, Margot Veenenbos, Alida Melse-Boonstra, Marcel Dicke, and Joop J.A. van Loon.

Ulcers from diabetes? New shoe insole could provide healing on-the-go

Diabetes can lead to ulcers that patients don’t even feel or notice until the sight of blood. And because ulcers can’t heal on their own, 14 to 24 percent of diabetics in the U.S. who experience them end up losing their toes, foot or leg. Purdue University researchers have developed a shoe insole that could help make the healing process more portable for the 15 percent of Americans who develop ulcers as a result of diabetes.