How are the current dietary practices for young French children?

Public Health Nutrition Editorial Highlight: ‘The French national survey on food consumption of children under 3 years of age – Nutri-Bébé 2013: design, methodology, population sampling and feeding practices’  by Authors: Jean-Pierre Chouraqui, Gabriel Tavoularis, Yves Emery, Aurée Francou, Pascale Hébel, Magali Bocquet, Régis Hankard and Dominique Turck.…

The search for a standardised definition of a wholegrain food

Public Health Nutrition Editorial Highlight: 'Evaluating the ≤10:1 wholegrain criterion in identifying nutrient quality and health implications of UK breads and breakfast cereals' by Authors: Bahar Ghodsian and Angela M Madden

Childhood thinness as an emerging issue in a transitional European country

Public Health Nutrition Editorial Highlight: 'Thinness in young schoolchildren in Serbia: another case of the double burden of malnutrition?' Authors: Visnja Djordjic, Jagoda Jorga, Snezana Radisavljevic, Ivana Milanovic, Predrag Bozic, Sergej M Ostojic.

New study shows restaurant program in rural community can positively impact healthy food practices

A community-wide program aimed at improving the rural restaurant food environment may hold promise for increasing the availability, identification and promotion of healthier food and beverage options, according to the study ‘Changing the restaurant food environment to improve cardiovascular health in a rural community: implementation and evaluation of the Heart of New Ulm restaurant programme’ published online in the journal Public Health Nutrition.…