Q&A with Professor Ron Hui

Professor Ron Hui, author of Photo-Electro-Thermal Theory for LED Systems: Basic Theory and Applications takes part in a Q&A about his unique book. Read Chapter One for free until 31st December 2018 here.…

Singular perturbations in noisy dynamical systems

The lead article for Issue 4, Voume 29 from the European Journal of Applied Mathematics is Professor Bernard J. Matkowsky’s personalized survey-style article on the theory and application of ‘Singular perturbation methods to noisy dynamical systems’ in the limit of small noise.…

Engineering nature to make materials

New research published within MRS Bulletin explores how materials engineers are 'hacking life' using synthetic biology. This exciting new research could lead to sustainable solutions that benefit the health and technology industries.

Professor Almudena Suárez introduces the EuMW 2017 special issue

Professor Almudena Suárez, Editor in Chief of the International Journal of Microwave and Wireless Technologies, discusses the European Microwave Week 2017 special issue.…

Quantum materials pave the path for synthetic neuroscience

Exciting new research published in MRS Bulletin reveals how quantum materials are being used within the field of neuroscience to demystify the inner workings of the human brain.

Getting water out of your ears, cycling in echelons, and sailing physics

Get your summer sports kick with a peek at some of the latest research on sailing aerodynamics, cycling groups, and getting that pesky water unstuck from your ear after swimming!…

How food companies shape the nutrition research agenda

Corporate sponsorship of research can introduce bias in how it is designed, conducted or published. These biases tend to produce research that favours the sponsor’s product by overemphasizing (or maximizing) benefits and / or underemphasizing (minimizing) harms.

Research Confirms New Reports of Glyphosate-Resistant Junglerice

For more than a decade, growers have waged a high-profile battle against glyphosate-resistant pigweed. But pigweed is by no means the only weed resistant to glyphosate.…

Co-management of protected areas: How does it help mitigate and prevent conflicts from escalating?

Although protected areas serve as refuges for wild plants and animals, they are also places of negative human–wildlife interactions, or conflicts.…

Pardon the disruption: how perovskites have made their mark in solar

New research published in MRS Bulletin explores how materials researchers are flocking to the field of Perovskites as a way to meaningfully impact the solar energy market and energy consumption at large. Watch our video introduction and read the paper for free!

Investing in the future at a 484-year-old press

At Cambridge University Press, we recognize that the central promise of the Open movement—that an open scholarly ecosystem will accelerate the ability of research to solve problems—is of the highest importance to our communities.

Changes in livestock farming required

The animal article of the month for October is ‘Opinion paper: What needs to be changed for successful future livestock farming in Europe?’ The authors of this opinion paper formulate that the future success of the European livestock farming sector is at a critical stage, at least if success includes besides positive economic output, non-market values such as public acceptance of practices and sustainability issues.…