Watch: How does stone skipping work?

By bouncing elastic spheres across the surface of Bear Lake in Utah, researchers have discovered the physics behind stone skipping. The mechanism of ‘water walking’ occurs when a deformed sphere rotates continuously across the surface of the water giving the appearance that the sphere is literally walking on water.…

MRS Advances Editor’s Choice for Free Access

MRS Advances is community driven, basing our special issue topics on feedback from the community that participates in the Materials Research Society meetings. We look to Society members to propose topics that matter to their materials field and apply a spotlight on a particular aspect of materials research that is tied to a community of scholars who publish, present, and share their results with one another.

Call for Papers: Early Career Scholars in Materials Science 2020

Journal of Materials Research (JMR) publishes an Annual Issue that is devoted to early career scholars in Materials Science. The Issue invites full length research and review articles by materials researchers, who have completed their Ph.D but not yet achieved full professorship, or senior scientist, at the time of submission.  It also provides a unique opportunity to be highlighted and promoted early in one’s research career and in order to increase attention to these papers, the issue is fully open access.

JPP board member elected to the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences

“I feel deeply honoured and I am looking forward to contributing to the important task of the Academy – to promote science and strengthen its role and influence in our society. It will also be interesting to exchange experiences and ideas with the other members,” Professor Tünde Fülöp, of the Division of Subatomic and Plasma Physics at Chalmers University of Technology, and editorial board member of the Journal of Plasma Physics

Profile: Professor Athene Donald, Master of Churchill College, Cambridge

Professor Athene Donald is Professor of Experimental Physics at the University of Cambridge and Master of Churchill College; she has spent most of her life at Cambridge, including studying there for her first and second degrees.…

Experimental Methods for Warm Dense Matter Research

With the dawn of new high-power laser and accelerator facilities, modern physics was able to reach extreme states of matter normally found only in the universe or deep inside the core of our planet.…