Rediscovering a lost garden – and some amateur dramatics

Peter Wiseman, University of Exeter, discusses his forthcoming article ‘Maecenas and the Stage’, which is due to be published in Papers of the British School at Rome later this year.

Roman innovations caused an increase in intestinal parasites

Archaeological evidence shows that intestinal parasites such as whipworm became increasingly common across Europe during the Roman Period, despite the apparent improvements the empire brought in sanitation technologies.…

Always something new from Anatolian Studies!

As a subscriber to Anatolian Studies for forty years, I am a loyal reader and very familiar with the academic literature and specialist studies about the antiquities of Turkey, but by any standards the 2016 volume of the journal must count as one of the best ever.

Ancient skull of Bede, the ‘Father of English History’, rediscovered

A long-lost cast of the skull of Bede – the ‘Father of English History’ – has been rediscovered within the anatomical collections of the University of Cambridge.…

Celebrating Iraq’s Cultural Heritage

Eleanor Robson, Voluntary Chair of the British Institute for the Study of Iraq’s governing Council and Professor of Ancient Middle Eastern History at University College London, discusses Iraq’s cultural heritage.…

From Sutton Place to Easter Island:
new insights from the latest volume of
The Antiquaries Journal

The 2014 volume of The Antiquaries Journal  is now available online. In this blogpost, the journal’s Assistant Editor, Christopher Catling, provides a summary of four articles from the volume, which you can download and share at no cost until 31st October 2014.…

Commemorating the Emperor Augustus with
The Journal of Roman Studies

August 19th 2014 marks two thousand years since the death of the Roman emperor Augustus. The commemorations may not be as lavish as in 1938, when the Italian government celebrated the bi-millennium of his birth with a major exhibition, but there is still a great deal of Augustus-related activity taking place (comprehensively documented on Penny Goodman’s site.…

News from the neolithic site of Çatalhöyük

Stephen Mitchell is Honorary Secretary of the British Institute at Ankara (BIAA). He brings us the latest from the Neolithic site of Çatalhöyük.