Painting a poetic portrait

Michael Squire, Reader in Classical Art at King’s College London, introduces the picture-poems of Optatian, composed in the early fourth century AD, which are the subject of his forthcoming article ‘How to read a Roman portrait? Optation Porfyry, Constantine and the uultus Augusti’, to be published in Papers of the British School at Rome later this year

Papers of the British School at Rome: Meet the Editors

Meet the editors of the Papers of the British School at Rome as they discuss how they represent the journal and pick out their favourite articles.

Glass encounters from Pompeii

Hilary Cool, Barbican Research Associates, reflects on how she tackled the topic of her forthcoming article in Papers of the British School at Rome which is due to be published later this year.…

Rediscovering a lost garden – and some amateur dramatics

Peter Wiseman, University of Exeter, discusses his forthcoming article ‘Maecenas and the Stage’, which is due to be published in Papers of the British School at Rome later this year.

Always something new from Anatolian Studies!

As a subscriber to Anatolian Studies for forty years, I am a loyal reader and very familiar with the academic literature and specialist studies about the antiquities of Turkey, but by any standards the 2016 volume of the journal must count as one of the best ever.

The creation of medieval papal history

Rosamond McKitterick, University of Cambridge, discusses her forthcoming article ‘The papacy and Byzantium in the seventh- and early eighth-century sections of the Liber pontificalis’, which will be published in Papers of the British School at Rome later this year.

Gladiatorial games in the Greek East

Professor Stephen Mitchell, council member of the BIAA, discusses the article Gladiatorial Games in the Greek East: A Complex of Reliefs from Cibyra in the latest issue in Anatolian Studies.…

Chamber pots and table cloths: William Gell and the domestic life of Pompeii

Rosemary Sweet, University of Leicester, discusses her forthcoming article, William Gell and Pompeiana (1817-19 and 1832), in Papers of the British School at Rome (2015) which is due to be published later this year.…

Virgil’s Fourth Eclogue and the Visual Arts

Luke Houghton discusses his article and explains how he conducted his research. This article is forthcoming in Papers of the British School at Rome, and will be published later this year.…

Celebrating Iraq’s Cultural Heritage

Eleanor Robson, Voluntary Chair of the British Institute for the Study of Iraq’s governing Council and Professor of Ancient Middle Eastern History at University College London, discusses Iraq’s cultural heritage.…

Commemorating the Emperor Augustus with
The Journal of Roman Studies

August 19th 2014 marks two thousand years since the death of the Roman emperor Augustus. The commemorations may not be as lavish as in 1938, when the Italian government celebrated the bi-millennium of his birth with a major exhibition, but there is still a great deal of Augustus-related activity taking place (comprehensively documented on Penny Goodman’s site.…

An insight into Ancient Libraries

Many iconic ruins across the world are all that remains of the libraries of the past. Who built these libraries? Who created the first ‘public library’?