Celebrating Anne Hathaway during International Women’s Month

In honour of Women's History Month 2018, we are sharing highlights throughout March, written by and about inspirational women. In the following blog post, Katherine West Scheil discusses the contributions of Anne Hathaway.

The Suffrage Campaign and Women’s Writers – Part 2

Orlando: Women’s Writing in the British Isles from the Beginnings to the Present is a digital text, available on the web at orlando.cambridge.org.…

Reading Jane Austen during Women’s History Month

I don’t know that Jane Austen is the first author to come to mind in relation to International Women’s Day: one is perhaps more likely to think of notorious firebrands from Mary Wollstonecraft to Arundhati Roy, whereas Austen is stuck with a relatively sedate reputation. But Austen has more in common with Wollstonecraft than many readers imagine.

Putting the Spotlight on Female Playwrights in America

This International Women's Month, we are putting the spotlight on female playwrights in America. Read the following blog by Cambridge University Press author Christopher Bigsby to find out why this is the opportune moment for celebrating these talented female writers.


Think back to your childhood.  What did you take with you when you went to school?  Many of us would have set off with a backpack brimming with notebooks, erasers, a ruler, pens, pencils and perhaps a handful of sweets to enjoy when the teacher wasn’t looking.…