The Place of the Holy Man

The early centuries in the history of Christian asceticism, and of monasticism that it gave rise to, invite a short and accessible overview.

Reconsidering Revelation: Historical Explorations and Contemporary Murmurs

The theophany at Sinai and the idea of revelation are among the core issues of Jewish theology

Ghost Stories in Early Modern England: The Social, Personal, and Spiritual Dynamics

In early modern England, spectral figures like Madam Savage were regular visitors to the world of the living and a vibrant variety of beliefs and expectations clustered around these questionable shapes.

On Pediatric Vaccines and Catholic Social Teaching

Get free access to Conor M. Kelly’s piece, ‘On Pediatric Vaccines and Catholic Social Teaching‘, in Horizons: The Journal of the College Theology Society until January 31, 2019.…

A Puerto Rican Decolonial Theology

A Puerto Rican Decolonial Theology: Prophesy Freedom. By Teresa Delgado. Cham, Switzerland: Palgrave Macmillan, 2017. xv + 204 pages. $99.00.…

Cambridge University Press to publish Renaissance Quarterly for the Renaissance Society of America

Cambridge University Press is partnering with the Renaissance Society of America (RSA) to publish Renaissance Quarterly, the leading American journal of Renaissance Studies.…

“What is the Meaning of Meaning in Paul Tillich’s Theology?”

For the past few years, I have been at work on a book about the word meaning in such expressions as “the meaning of life,” “searching for meaning,” “ultimate meaning,” “higher meaning.” Several features of the word, apart from its ubiquity in popular and academic circles, struck me: (1) it is seldom defined and is thus given to ambiguity; (2) its meaning is slippery; (3) the English word is by nature different from its near-equivalents in other European languages because it is a verbal noun and thus at least suggests agency: something carries out the act denoted by the verb to mean.…

Did the Rabbis Believe in Agreus Pan? Rabbinic Relationships with Roman Power, Culture, and Religion in Genesis Rabbah 63

Genesis Rabbah, a rabbinic midrash (work of homiletical exegesis) compiled in Byzantine Palestine relates a fascinating story about the great Roman emperor, Diocletian (224–311 CE).…

Imprensa Evangelica: forging new religious identities in nineteenth-century Brazil

Pedro Feitoza’s essay Experiments in Missionary Writing: Protestant Missions and the Imprensa Evangelica in Brazil, 1864-1892 is the inaugural winner of the World Christianities Essay Prize* It was in August 2008, in the countryside of the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil, that I first encountered volumes of Brazil’s first Protestant periodical, the Imprensa Evangelica (Evangelical Press, 1864-1892).…

Ever New and Increasing Awe

From our perspective, life seems meaningful—and not just full of personally meaningful things, like having children or playing Bach perfectly. Most of us live our lives as if there is an answer to the callings of our deepest soul longings. We live as if what we do matters in some sort of cosmic way. Human life feels as though it has purpose and function and meaning.

“Spirit to Spirit”: The Imagery of the Kiss in the Zohar and its Possible Sources

The study illustrates the ways in which Platonic and Neoplatonic concepts were appropriated by the early Kabbalists and their expression through myth and symbol in Zoharic literature.

Moving Texts: A Hermeneutics of the Gospel According to Hollywood

Angelic choirs hum as calligraphic titles fill the screen. As the choir soars, an authoritative voice begins a tale that may be both alien and familiar: the coming of a heavenly visitor whose story bears repeating.…