The National Policy for Open Access in Sweden

Wilhelm Widmark, Library Director of Stockholm University Library, presented to the Cambridge University Press Global Library Advisory Board in November 2016 about the Swedish national policy for implementing Open Access (OA).…

Most Read in 2016

A collection of the most read posts published in 2016

Cambridge Asia Librarians’ Day 2017

Creating Connections – Building Bridges was the theme of the sixth Cambridge Asia Librarians’ day held on Monday 16th January 2017 and hosted by the Universitas Indonesia, Jakarta.…

Academic Publishing and the UK Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF)

As part of the celebrations for Academic Book Week, the Booksellers Association sponsored a seminar, called From REF to TEF, which considered the implications that the UK Teaching Excellence Framework [TEF] might have for the academic publishing and bookselling industries.  The seminar took place at the British Library on Wednesday 25th January.

2016 NAG / Nielsen prize for Innovation goes to Helen Adey and Dorothy Atherton

Helen Adey, a much valued members of CUP’s librarian panel, of Nottingham Trent University Library and her colleague Dorothy Atherton, provided a conference highlight with their talk on NTU’s Your Books, More Books initiative [YBMB], which won the NAG / Nielsen Award for Innovation 2016.…

Journals aid and donation in developing countries: An interview with Anne Powell of INASP

Cambridge University Press works with several international aid programs to secure sustainable access to research for people living in developing countries.

Cambridge Asia Librarians’ Day 2016

The fifth (Asian) Cambridge Librarians Day was held in Seoul, South Korea, on 11th January, kindly hosted by the staff of Seoul National University (SNU) Library.  Over fifty librarians attended from academic libraries across the whole of South Korea, together with members of the Cambridge Asian Librarians Advisory Board [CALAB], representing several countries across Asia.

Running a library on the Caribbean island of Roatan

Your website goes down and the server you host with refuses to restart it due to payment complications; your computer network crashes, completely wiping your digital cataloging software; the budgets that you’re working from are under constant threat of being slashed, or funds withdrawn permanently; sounds like the year from hell for most librarians.…