Cambridge Core at 1: What functionality has been delivered for librarians since launch?

Cambridge Core, the combined ebook and journal platform, launched in September 2016. The site was informed by extensive market research and feedback from our users including over 9,000 researchers and librarians.…

New Journals for 2018

Cambridge University Press welcomes 12 new journals in 2018, including 1 brand new launch title, 2 open access titles, and 9 from new society partners.…

Profile: Erika Banski, Carleton University Library, Canada

Erika Banski is Head of Cataloguing and Collection Maintenance at Carleton University Library, Ottawa, Canada Erika Banski was working as a librarian in the former Yugoslavia (now Serbia) when the Bosnian War began.…

Perspectivas bibliotecarias: Ángela María Mejía Gutiérrez, Directora del Sistema de Bibliotecas de la Universidad de los Andes

Para celebrar el primer cumpleaños de Cambridge Core, hemos lanzado, Perspectivas bibliotecarias, una serie de entrevistas con bibliotecarios de todo el mundo.…

Teaching and learning resources: the changing UK landscape

For the 2017 Academic Book Trade conference, the Booksellers Association commissioned a report (Resource Provision in Higher Education) to examine how teaching and learning resource needs might change in the UK as a result of the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF).

LIBRARIAN PERSPECTIVES: Ángela María Mejía, Library System Director, Universidad de los Andes

To celebrate Cambridge Core’s first birthday, we have launched, Librarian Perspectives, a series of interviews with librarians from around the world.…

Changes to OpenAthens authentication for Cambridge Core

Cambridge University Press (CUP) is working with OpenAthens to upgrade and improve the existing implementation of OpenAthens authentication for Cambridge Core and other online resources from Cambridge.

Cambridge/Netherlands agreement combines subscription and Open Access models for the first time

Cambridge University Press has made an agreement with Dutch institutions which combines access to Cambridge’s subscription content with Open Access (OA) publishing in our hybrid and wholly OA journals.

New Publishing Partners: The Royal College of Psychiatrists & Cambridge University Press

The Royal College of Psychiatrists (RCPsych) and Cambridge University Press are pleased to announce the formation of a new publishing partnership beginning in January 2018.

Leadership and Influence in a TEF-led World

The 2017 Academic Book Trade (ABT) Conference focused entirely on the UK Teaching Excellence Framework (the ‘TEF’) and was entitled Leadership and Influence in a TEF-led World.

Debating copyright ‘fair use’ at the London Book Fair

The 2017 Charles Clark lecture on copyright took place at the London Book Fair on Wednesday 15th March.  It was chaired by Peter Day, the long-serving BBC broadcaster.  The two speakers were both American judges: Judge Pierre Laval, who has served on the US Court of Appeal and is a District Judge for New York and Jon Baumgarten, a US copyright lawyer.  Although the whole of the lecture was about fair use, their exchange was mainly about the 2014 – 2015 appeal by Google against claims of violation of copyright by various publishers and the Association of American Publishers, which Google won.…

Cambridge Open Access books for your library

Did you know that Open Access books are available via Cambridge Core?  These books cover topics across law, literature, life sciences, politics and more, and can be accessed online by readers from across the world without charge or licence agreement.…