Time to Rethink Control of Invasive Russian Knapweed

A recent study featured in the journal Invasive Plant Science and Management suggests it’s time to rethink control of Russian knapweed, an invasive plant classified as a “noxious weed” in 18 U.S.…

Survey shows knowledge gaps in how to apply auxin herbicides safely

With the recent introduction of soybean and cotton traits resistant to synthetic auxin herbicides, farmers have new, much needed options for managing glyphosate-resistant broadleaf weeds. Researchers writing in the journal Weed Technology say use of the auxins isn’t without risk.

Intrepid ecologists find treasure of birdlife

In a recent study published in Bird Conservation International, authors from Perth Edith Cowan University have carried out research in Papua New Guinea to understand how logging and palm oil plantations is affecting rare bird numbers.…

When It Comes to Tillage, Timing Matters!

In a study featured in the most recent edition of Weed Science, a team of researchers tilled four fields every two weeks during the growing season.

Study shows that China’s otters are in dramatic decline

A study recently published in the international conservation journal Oryx shows that this charming group of amphibious mammals have undergone a dramatic countrywide decline in China, and are extirpated over much of their former ranges.

Musk Deer poaching in Russia linked to logging roads

Logging roads makes valuable Musk Deer more accessible to poachers, who hunt for the musk gland found in males, a substance that, gram from gram, is more valuable than gold. Find out more from the latest study by Oryx.

Is Palmer Amaranth Developing Traits That Make It Harder to Control?

New research featured in the journal Weed Science, shows “life history” traits may be contributing to crop losses by making Palmer amaranth more aggressive and difficult to control.

Nature’s guide to building submarines

New research published recently in JFM, will help to direct future research on the deployment of sensory arrays that could be used to guide underwater autonomous vehicles.