Nature’s guide to building submarines

New research published recently in JFM, will help to direct future research on the deployment of sensory arrays that could be used to guide underwater autonomous vehicles.

Change is inevitable; change is constant

Extracts from a recent Editorial by MRS Bulletin Editor-in-Chief Gopal Rao which talked about the recent launch of the newly designed site.

How do birds fly?

When a bird flaps its wings it generates thrust force which keeps it airborne, but how does this actually work? And how hard and how fast should they flap?

Introducing Peter Clift, the new Editor-in-Chief of Geological Magazine

Geological Magazine is pleased to announce the appointment of Professor Peter Clift as the new Editor-in-Chief. Find out more about Peter and his plans for the journal in this introductory interview.

Research Shows the Impact of Invasive Plants Can Linger Long After Eradication

A new study featured in the journal Invasive Plant Science and Management shows the impact of weedy invaders can linger for years.

2016 JMR Paper of the Year awarded

Gayle and Cook have won the 2016 JMR Paper of the Year, for the development and modeling of an indentation method for mapping the time-dependent viscoelastic and time-independent plastic properties of polymeric-based materials.

Proving the Kepler Conjecture

In 1998, Thomas Hales and Samuel Ferguson announced a proof of the Kepler conjecture – a famous problem in discrete geometry that had remained unsolved for over 300 years.…

The conundrum of aviation and the environment

The paper, ‘21st century civil aviation: Is it on course, or is it over confident and complacent? – thoughts on the conundrum of aviation and the environment’ published in the Aeronautical Journal, Vol 121, Issue 1236, pp 115-140, 2017 by D.…

Reviewing receptor families in farm animals

The animal article of the month for June is ‘Invited review: Nutrient sensing receptors for free fatty acids and hydroxycarboxylic acids in farm animals‘.…

The expressions of Gal-9 and its receptors are genetically regulated in Toxoplasma gondii-infected mice

The latest Parasitology Paper of the Month is “Galectins expressed differently in genetically susceptible C57BL/6 and resistant BALB/c mice during acute ocular Toxoplasma gondii infection” by S.-J.…

Humanoid Multi-Event Robot Athletes

Jacky Baltes, guest Editor for Knowledge Engineering Review, introduces the special issue on Humanoid Multi-Event Robot Athletes The FIRA HuroCup competition was started in 2002 to provide a challenging and state of the art benchmark problem for humanoid robots.…

On the cover of HPL: Proton probing of laser-driven EM pulses travelling in helical coils

  On the cover of HPL: ‘Proton probing of laser-driven EM pulses travelling in helical coils‘, by H. Ahmed, S. Kar, A.L.