The latest CJO release includes a method for readers to send articles direct to their Kindles.

If you look closely at a full text article on CJO, you may notice we’ve introduced a new, rather unassuming little link. As of this release (CJO Release 12-1, if we’re using proper names), if you have access to the full text of an article, in PDF or HTML format, we’ve implemented a means to email that article to read on your Kindle. When you click the button on your computer and enter your Kindle email address, CJO will send the paper you’re reading direct to your Kindle. The article will then appear in your Kindle home screen when you next sync your device, ready to read off line. You’ll find this link in the left hand menu for PDF or above the headers on HTML article.

CJO Kindle form
CJO Kindle form

So why have we done this? We’ve held to something of an unspoken convention so far, in that we don’t normally develop specifically for one manufacturer’s hardware. It’s why we didn’t rush headlong into developing a CJO app for iOS, but instead created a mobile web version (iPad users, of course, can take advantage of the full site anyway). There are a number of e-readers on the market, and the Kindle, it seems, doesn’t share its competitors’ tastes as far as file formats go.

In previous posts, we’ve admitted that a fair few of us here are rather fond of the Kindle, so I think we’d be lying if we claimed that didn’t shape this development just a little. But, staff preferences aside, the Kindle is being mentioned at more and more journal editorial meetings as a preferred reading environment. Also, there is a very mature infrastructure behind the Kindle, and there are enough of them out in the wild to make it worth the gamble, without worrying that support for the device is going to disappear.

At the moment, HTML articles are text-only (no images yet), so we’re kind of considering this a ‘beta’ feature, but we’re working on improving it for future releases. Most of all, we’d like to know how it works for you and if you find it useful.

Please let us know by commenting or using the CJO feedback form here. Alternatively, leave a note on our Facebook wall, or tweet us @CambridgeJnls.



  1. Hello,

    Is the Send to Kindle button still available? I noticed it last month but I no longer the button. I only see the send to Kindle option in the article menu.

  2. Hi, I’m unable to see the Send to Kindle button anywhere on screen – am I missing something?

  3. Hi Barbara, Apologies for the late reply. You’ll find the Kindle button in a couple of places. 1) On abstracts, you’ll find it in the Navigation menu on the left of the page (this usually sensd the PDF version of the paper). 2) On HTML articles, you’ll also find it in that same article menu, and also we added a graphic to the top of the paper (next to the ‘Request Permissions’ link). Of course, you’ll only be able to see the Kindle link if you have full access to the paper. Hope that helps, and thanks for getting in touch!

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