Cambridge University Press is delighted to be launching two new open access (OA) journals in Mathematics, Forum of Mathematics, Pi and Forum of Mathematics, Sigma.

Cambridge has established the Forum of Mathematics to offer OA journals to the mathematics community, with peer-review standards set by an international editorial board of the highest calibre.

For the first three years Cambridge University Press will waive publication costs, though authors with access to specific funds for OA publication will be encouraged to pay a low charge of £500/$750.

This new initiative was launched at a wine reception on the 2nd July at the 6th European Congress of Mathematics.

The Managing Editor for the new journals, Professor Rob Kirby, said: “The traditional journal subscription model is under pressure, owing to high costs and a lack of open access. It is great that Cambridge is leading the way by starting high-quality open access journals and underwriting the costs for an initial three year period.

Professor Tim Gowers, a founding member of the editorial board said: “I am delighted to support this venture. We urgently need new ways of disseminating mathematics that are appropriate for the internet age but that preserve what we value in the present system. The Forum of Mathematics is a very promising experiment in that direction, and I shall do what I can to help it to succeed.

Professor Tim Gowers and Professor Terry Tao, who are both Editors of the new journals,  have written about the Forum of Mathematics on their own blogs. Follow the links below to read these blog posts.

Professor Tim Gowers’ blog post
Professor Terry Tao’s blog post 

The journal will formally begin accepting submissions on October 1st 2012, with content appearing in the New Year. Until then, read our FAQs to find out more.

News coverage on the journals: 

“Maths journals open up”, The Australian, Bernard Lane, 06 July 2012


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