One million articles on CJO…

2012 has already had its fair share of ‘million-mark’ milestones reached in the digital world. Microsoft launched and witnessed an online gold rush, with 1 million people signing up within 6 hours*; Netflix, already popular in North America, received 1 million subscribers in the UK and Ireland earlier this year**; and just weeks ago, the Pope’s newly created Twitter account reached 1 million followers***.


Here at Cambridge Journals, we’ve reached an online milestone of our own. As of 2012, Cambridge Journals Online (CJO) boasts a prodigious 1 million articles available online.


Growing stature…

With a growing number of Journals choosing to publish with Cambridge University Press in recent years, we have seen a steady increase in the amount of content made available on CJO. In 2012 alone, we acquired 45 new journals, including Journal of Nutrition Science, Medical History, The Cambridge Classical Journal, and CNS Spectrums, greatly increasing both the amount and the range of articles on offer.


This annual increase in new content supports the significant growth that occurred in 2009 with the launch of Cambridge Journals Digital Archive. This ambitious project saw thousands of articles added to CJO, some dating as far back as 1770. Not only did this vastly increase the amount of material available to our users, it offered an invaluable insight into the use of research both old and new. It also increased the reach of our journal backfiles, as research shows that digitised journal archives are cited more often than issues in print form.


Advanced hosting…

Thanks to the host of new features that have been developed this year, our customers can now access this wealth of high-quality research on an increasingly sophisticated platform. To read more about the newly developed CJO features, and for a list of past development, please click here.


* – July 2012

** – August 2012

*** – December 2012


    1. Hi Youness, Content from 2012 is available across all the subject areas that we publish in. You can choose “Browse by Subject” under the “Browse Journals” tab to see all the subject options.
      If you’re having problems registering, please try again later as the current volume of traffic may be slowing down your registration process.

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