We like gadgets at Cambridge Journals, be they phones, ereaders or tablets, and we’ve noticed our readers do too. Over the coming months we’ll be looking at how we can make Cambridge Journals stretch and shrink onto all sorts of screen sizes and still give our readers a full experience. But for now, we’re offering journal subscribers an extra takeaway on selected titles – articles in EPUB format.
EPUB combines the portability of a PDF with the richness and adaptability of HTML. Text can be resized and reflowed to the user’s preference. It offers real flexibility of presentation, while retaining a comfortable reading experience.
We’ve opted for the emerging EPUB3 standard, rather than the usually accepted EPUB2 format, because we are clear that that is where the industry is headed. It will also allow us to include rich media elements such as video and audio in line with articles when we roll that out on Cambridge Journals.
They’re great on Kobo or Nook e-readers. If you’re an iPad user, you can download straight from CJO (or CJO Mobile) and open the file in iBooks, Bluefire or your chosen eReader app. Android users can do the same using Gitden, Aldiko or Moon+ Reader. It’ll also work on your smartphone.
We’re beginning to release EPUB articles as a public beta on a range of titles (listed at the foot of this post). You’ll find EPUB versions for all future articles from these journals, though we’re not converting backfiles for now.
So grab a paper, load it into whatever device you wish, and let us know how you get on with it through the usual channels – contact [email protected] , tweet us at @CambridgeJnls or leave a note on our Facebook wall.


Cambridge Journals EPUB Phase 1 Titles:

Annual Review of Applied Linguistics
Applied Psycholinguistics
Bilingualism: Language and Cognition
British Journal of Music Education
Cambridge Opera Journal
Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness
Early Music History
Eighteenth-Century Music
English Language & Linguistics
English Profile Journal
English Today
Expert Reviews in Molecular Medicine
Genetics Research
Historical Journal
Journal of American Studies
Journal of British Studies
Journal of Child Language
Journal of Ecclesiastical History
Journal of French Language Studies
Journal of Germanic Linguistics
Journal of Global History
Journal of Linguistic Geography
Journal of Linguistics
Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society
Journal of the International Phonetic Association
Language in Society
Language Teaching
Language Variation and Change
Medical History
Modern Intellectual History
Nineteenth-Century Music Review
Nordic Journal of Linguistics
Organised Sound
Plainsong & Medieval Music
Popular Music
Psychological Medicine
Studies in Second Language Acquisition
Transactions of the Royal Historical Society
Twentieth-Century Music



  1. Sounds interesting. Your list of journals above is not hyperlinked. Would be great if you linked to at least one article already available (maybe even OA – so we can all see how you do it). I went to one journal, but couldn’t find any articles in epub yet.

  2. Hi Stian,

    That would be helpful wouldn’t it 🙂 ? Sorry for the oversight – this was supposed to include links to free or OA content in EPUB, and I’ve updated the list accordingly. Some of the journals in the first run are yet to debut in EPUB, but their next issues / First View papers will be available as such.

    Thanks for your comment and for spotting my mistake 🙂

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