Cambridge finally gives Wireless Power Transfer its own journal

Cambridge University Press has announced it will be launching a new journal Wireless Power Transfer in January 2014. The new journal will publish new and significant research in the developing and increasingly important field of wireless power technology. The creation of the journal provides researchers with the opportunity to publish papers on a large number of different technologies related to wireless power transfer (WPT) which are currently dispersed across a range of peer-reviewed journals. Wireless Power Transfer will be the first journal devoted to the subject.

The new journal will incorporate, in the same publication, several areas of knowledge such as radio frequency circuits, systems design, control circuits for energy management, different materials to optimise energy evaluation, energy storage components, signal design for optimum energy conversion efficiency and many other implementation solutions.

Research into wireless power is currently increasing at a rapid pace, and developments in electronic engineering promise to deliver a dramatic expansion in the use of this technology over the coming years. Wireless power technology has substantial industrial and commercial potential for the wireless powering of sensors, vehicles and household devices.

Editor-in-chief for Wireless Power Transfer Apostolos Georgiadis says “there are exciting times ahead for wireless power transfer technology and this new journal, devoted solely to the subject, provides a new vehicle for the sharing of research and development. The current scope of journals in this field is only partially relevant to WPT and therefore authors can find it difficult to have their work published. A focused journal for the field of WPT should be welcomed by authors.”

“As the first journal devoted to this rapidly emerging field Wireless Power Transfer is an exciting addition to Cambridge’s world class list of engineering publications and we look forward to working with authors producing research of international significance for academics and industry,” said Katy Christomanou, Publishing Director, Cambridge Journals.


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