Monitoring the behaviour of like-minded academics online has proven to be a useful means of discovering new and relevant scholarly content. Whether it be by following a eminent researcher on Twitter, or by sharing the link to a particularly significant article amongst colleagues on Facebook or Mendeley, knowing what your peers are reading opens up the ability to find content that may have previously gone undiscovered. That’s why Cambridge Journals Online (CJO) has introduced the ability to browse articles based on the reading habits of other academics within your field.

Available on a selection of journals on CJO*, you can now find a menu entitled ‘Other Users Also Downloaded the Following Articles During their Visit’. This will allow you to view content popular amongst your peers within that subject area. Now you can discover articles that have been organically linked together by like-minded readers, allowing for much more tailored content recommendations than keywords alone could provide.

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Sharing articles on CJO

Cambridge Journals recognises the possibilities that online collaboration can offer academics, which is why we’ve strived to create useful sharing tools for researchers, including social sharing and our Facebook social reader app. In addition to the ‘also downloaded’ feature mentioned above, readers can also view the ‘editor’s choice’ – a carefully selected list of related articles – and articles that share common keywords.

We hope that this latest feature to join the ranks will provide yet another way for our readers to find new content. We’re confident that the combined recommendations of our 700,000+ registered users will provide a relevant and reliable ‘reading list’ of content to browse.

You can stay up to date with all the latest CJO and CBO (Cambridge Books Online) activity on Twitter (@CambridgeJnls) and Facebook.


* This feature is currently available on:

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