The first of four issues of the inaugural volume of the Journal of the American Philosophical Association is now available online. Editor-in-Chief, John Heil reflects on the origins of and future plans for the Journal.

The Journal was inspired by the idea that the time had come for the American Philosophical Association (APA) to sponsor a journal serving the interests of the philosophical community worldwide, a fully generalist journal dedicated to publishing philosophically compelling articles in a timely manner.

The aim was to create a home for work with the greatest potential value and impact across the discipline, a journal defined by its articles’ quality, diversity, and liveliness, a journal that could serve as a model of academic publishing.

Thus constituted, the Journal encompasses the aspirations of philosophers from varied philosophical backgrounds that characterize the APA. The Journal has a stellar team of specialist associate editors, and a growing number of consulting editors. This editorial team is dedicated to the idea that the world does not need yet another philosophy journal; the world needs a philosophy journal that serves philosophers by providing a venue for trend-setting – as distinguished from trendy – papers. Think of the Journal as affording the reader a unique opportunity to participate in the establishment of, not simply another philosophy journal, but a preeminent philosophy journal.

Our challenge is to ensure that a journal purporting to represent the full gamut of topics and approaches to philosophy succeeds. We will inevitably make mistakes. We will inevitably offend the easily offended. We believe, however, that we will achieve these goals by offering a vehicle for fresh, accessible scholarship governed by an editorial process designed to expedite decisions and have papers in print quickly.

Please help us. You can do this by submitting your most interesting work to the Journal – think of that paper you’ve wanted to write but for which the occasion hasn’t arisen. Together we stand a chance of overcoming entrenched antipathies, and nurturing fresh approaches to serious philosophical topics.

Read the full first issue of Journal of the American Philosophical Association here.

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