Ivory poachers’ use of poison endangers vultures

Conservationists warn ivory poachers’ use of poison is further decimating Africa’s endangered vultures

A history of Neospora caninum research

The December paper of the month from Parasitology is Approaches for the vaccination and treatment of Neospora caninum infections in mice and ruminant models’ by Andrew Hemphill et al.  In this blog Professor Hemphill chronicles the study of this deadly parasite.…

Rising risk of obesity among China’s ‘left behind children’

Some 61 million rural children left behind by parents moving to China’s booming urban centres are at risk from increased fat and reduced protein in their diets.

Goldstein wins Batchelor Prize 2016

The G K Batchelor Prize for 2016 is awarded to Professor Raymond E. Goldstein FRS, Schlumberger Professor of Complex Physical Systems in the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics and Fellow of Churchill College, University of Cambridge.

Investigating the impact of mastitis on dairy cows

Concern about dairy cows welfare is not a new issue, but there is a huge variation among farm producers and veterinarians about their perception of pain in domestic animals.

What do harbor seals and downhill skiers have in common?

An unexpected similarity between nature’s mechanisms and man’s techniques arise in a new study published in the Journal of Fluid Mechanics. The paper reveals how harbor seals can detect prey from far away, and it’s related to skiing.

Expanding knowledge of rodent parasites

The October paper of the month from Parasitology is Bank voles (Myodes glareolus) and house mice (Mus musculus musculus; M. m. domesticus) in Europe are each parasitized by their own distinct species of Aspiculuris (Nematoda, Oxyurida) from Volume 142, issue 12, by M.…

Young seahorses threatened by coastal development

“I wonder how many of us purchase shellfish from sustainable sources in our weekly shop in the belief that we are supporting the conservation of marine ecosystems.…