This blog post  is written by David S. Ginley, David Cahen, and Elizabeth A. Kócs, Editors-in-Chief of MRS Energy & Sustainability—A Review Journal

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MRS Energy & Sustainability
is a scientific review journal addressing broad perspectives in energy and sustainability with relevance to materials research. By now, its readers have likely noticed how different it is from typical peer-reviewed scientific/technical journals, including those published by the Materials Research Society.

Article authors need not reference other peer-reviewed literature, as long as they have referenced a range of information sources to support what are presented as facts. The journal publishes papers encompassing a range of hard and soft scientific fields that materials science impacts, from global ecology and economics to public health. And the journal’s editors hope to make it a home for articles that present unique perspectives that cannot be found in other journals.

One such uncommon paper came the editors’ way in January 2015. In the article, M. J. Kelly, a professor of electrical engineering at the University of Cambridge in the UK, argues that the collective actions taken until now to reduce carbon dioxide emissions will not achieve a serious reduction, and in some cases will make matters worse. He also calls for a public debate that weighs more carefully the pros and cons of taking any action, and of not taking that action.

Kelly’s ideas might not align with those of many, or most, others in the energy and sustainability community, but it is the kind of article that fits squarely in the journal’s scopes. The article will surely raise eyebrows, and we welcome readers’ considered responses in the comment section below.

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