Online purchase and download of articles is now available for individual users on Cambridge Core. From search results, journal issues or individual article landing pages, readers can now purchase articles instantly on the platform.

Buying process
If institutional access is unavailable in the reader’s location, a ‘get access’ icon appears next to each article. When clicked, this displays the article price in local currency, depending on the geographic location of the user. A simple buying process enables the user to purchase access to the article via the platform. Users must login or create an account in order to complete a purchase, and all users will be redirected back to their shopping cart after the registration or login process is complete. After every article purchase, the user will also receive an email confirmation. Customers will also be able to access and download their order history when logged in.

We hope that readers find this functionality useful and efficient.

If you encounter any difficulties, please contact our technical support teams at: [email protected]

Please note that due to international rules and individual country preferences, article purchase options will not be available in all territories worldwide.

Article purchase is available for individuals only, institutional account administrators can purchase titles for their own use, but these won’t be available for institution-wide access.

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