Did you know that Open Access books are available via Cambridge Core

These books cover topics across law, literature, life sciences, politics and more, and can be accessed online by readers from across the world without charge or licence agreement.

What’s more, bibliographic records for these titles can be included in your library catalogue or discovery service, even if you aren’t a customer for Cambridge institutional ebooks.  In fact, MARC records or KBART lists for Open Access books are freely available from Cambridge Core for this purpose.

Why not add the data for our Open Access books to your library catalogue, to ensure that Cambridge OA books appear in searches?

Further information about Open Access books from Cambridge can be found here, alongside an overview of our Open Access journals publishing.

MARC records for Cambridge Open Access books can be downloaded from this page and a KBART list is available here.

For further information, please email: [email protected] in the Americas, or [email protected] for the rest of the world.

Open Access book covers from Cambridge
Open Access books from Cambridge

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