I am delighted to announce a new editorial team for JEPS, which will hit the ground running after APSA. We will have seven associate editors and a senior associate editor.

Senior Associate Editor
Rick K. Wilson, Rice University

Associate Editors
Cheryl Boudreau, University of California, Davis
Sarah Bush, Temple University
Jennifer Jerit, Stony Brook University
Jaime Settle, College of William and Mary
Betsy Sinclair, Washington University-Saint Louis
Jonathan Woon, University of Pittsburgh
Liz Zechmeister, Vanderbilt University

Each of these scholars are respected and established experimentalists and their work covers the diversity of experimental methods and substantive areas in Political Science. I am grateful to Betsy, Jon, Liz, and Rick for agreeing to stay on as associate editors and to Cheryl, Jaime, Jenn, and Sarah for joining the team. With their help, I am confident that JEPS will remain a vibrant outlet for cutting-edge, high-quality experimental research.

I am also happy to announce that, with the help of the outgoing editorial team and (especially) the yeoman efforts of Rick Wilson, JEPS has cleared its backlog and is on track to publish three issues by the end of 2017. Stay tuned for some great research!

Moving forward, JEPS will adopt the following approaches to help speed turnaround time, while maintaining high standards.

  • Associate Editors will be empowered to make decisions about the manuscripts assigned to them. They are the experts in their fields of study and I will respect their decisions
  • The editorial team will be committed to making decisions about desk rejects quickly
  • As a reminder, JEPS invites scholars who have a paper that journals have declined to publish to submit a revised paper along with the review history of reviews and communication with the editor(s) from the journal(s) along with a memo explaining how they have addressed reviewers concerns
  • We will now only require data replication materials once a paper has been accepted for publication (as opposed to at the R&R stage)

I hope that you will consider sending your research to JEPS!

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