We are today [Friday 8th December] thrilled to be launching Cambridge Core Share, a new sharing service providing the academic community and wider public with greater access to research.

Built with our users’ in mind, Cambridge Core Share is a new tool that enables authors and readers to easily generate a link to an online, read-only journal article. This link can be freely shared on social media sites and scholarly collaboration networks to enhance both the impact and discoverability of research.

We have developed this new tool on Cambridge Core and have added the functionality to over 120 journals during an initial pilot phase. Click here to see a full list of journals taking part in this pilot.

Mandy Hill, Managing Director of Academic Publishing at the Press, said: “As content sharing is such a vital part of research, we’re thrilled to be launching Cambridge Core Share which will provide the academic community with an easy sharing solution. With the needs of our users in mind, we will continue to explore and support responsible sharing in line with the sustainability of the high quality publications on which research and learning depend.”

Click here for more information on Cambridge Core Share, including a list of journals included in the initial pilot phase.

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