Following an extremely successful Special Session on Quantum Materials at the 2017 MRS Fall Meeting—where every seat was occupied and attendees filled the aisles—MRS continues to lead in in this rapidly advancing field and will be holding a one-day symposium at the 2018 MRS Spring Meeting.

Quantum materials have exotic physical properties that arise from quantum mechanical or topological properties of their electrons. These materials display novel surface properties, magnetic effects, and optical properties, and are expected to lead to, for example, qubits with enhanced coherence times and sensors with unprecedented accuracy.

The Symposium, entitled Materials Science to Empower Quantum Information Technologies, will focus on near-term applications of quantum devices for information processing and enhanced sensing, how these applications can be enhanced using novel quantum materials, and what tools and techniques will be required to accelerate this process.

This introductory video, is a preview of Symposium and the program  is available at:



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