We are excited to share with you the improvements we have made to our KBART lists on Cambridge Core.

Since launch we have been continuously listening to our customers and developing the platform to ensure the best user experience possible, and as part of this commitment we have spent time upgrading our KBART offering on Cambridge Core. The recent improvements to KBART have not only made the interface clearer, but the creation and downloading of KBART lists is now even easier.

The updates include:

  • A new KBART landing page with search and filter functionality
  • Increased accuracy of journals KBART lists, including improvements to volume and date ranges of both current and archive content
  • Easier integration with Excel using a .txt file extension
  • Dynamic* KBART lists for our full online book collection including:
    • Cambridge Companions
    • Cambridge Histories
    • Cambridge Library Collection
    • Shakespeare Survey
  • Extra columns in KBART lists for sub-subjects and parent collection titles for books in collections and series
  • Additional lists for Open Access books and journals, and withdrawn books and journals
  • Generic platform-wide KBART lists added for All Journals, Cambridge Core All Books and a separate Cambridge Journals Current Subscription Content lists which is not tied to a subscription year (subscription year collections KBART lists are still available)
  • A dynamic* KBART list for Cambridge Elements.

We hope you find these new lists useful and convenient to use. We are continuing to improve the service further and will be sending updates accordingly however, if you have any feedback or suggestions for further improvement please contact us as [email protected]

*dynamic lists are automatically updated when new titles publish

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