Cambridge Core was designed to allow for continual improvement based on feedback from our customers. Since launch, KBART lists have seen significant improvements, with the latest being the ability to select more granular options when setting variables for your list downloads. This new release builds on our last major update that made the interface clearer and improved the ease of creating and downloading KBART lists.

KBART lists are now downloadable by:

  • Organisation
  • Consortium
  • Order
  • Package

To make use of the new functionality, visit your ‘My Core’ area on Cambridge Core. On this page you will now see the additional variable to run the report under the KBART tab. From here you can select the option you want, and the organisation it’s for (if there is more than one), and then download.

To see the other recent improvements for KBART, please read the previous blog post here.

We are continuing to improve the service further and will be sending updates accordingly, however, if you have any feedback or suggestions for further improvement please contact us as [email protected].

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