Q & A with Louise Deane – Library Sales Executive


You are a Library Sales Executive – how long have you done this for and what regions do you cover in your role?

I’ve been working as a Library Sales Executive for almost a year, covering a member of the UK team currently on maternity leave. I’m looking after the North of England, Scotland, Wales, The West Midlands, & The South East.


What did you previously do to this job role?

Before this job I worked in Children’s Publishing as a Rights Executive.


What made you choose to become a Library Sales Executive?

Like my previous role, I really enjoyed the experience of building relationships with customers. I don’t really see this job as a standard ‘sales role’ which definitely persuaded me to apply for it. I definitely feel like I advise institutions/customers on what products might work well for them rather than convincing them to buy something!


You are based in the Cambridge office in the UK – what does a typical day involve for you?

It usually starts with emails, or dealing with anything urgent that could have come in. It then depends on what I have going on, whether that’s planning my sales calendar, putting together quotations/processing orders, attending internal meetings, preparing for a customer visit, working on the UK monthly library marketing campaigns and putting together sales reports. It’s a varied role and I work in a very vocal team, we’re constantly communicating with each other about day to day issues or achievements we have made.


You make customer visits; can you tell me what kind of preparation you need to do for one of those and what that visit would entail?

The visit reports we put together take a lot of work, for one report I normally download 6 reports. These reports are the fundamental elements of the visit and are the base of my conversations with my customers.

For example if the customer I was visiting had an Evidence Based Acquisition, I would outline the usage in the report i.e. how many downloads there had been across eBook content, what the top titles are, what are the most usage subjects etc.


What is Evidence Based Acquisition?

Under an EBA model, institutions are given access to an extensive collection of Cambridge and partner press ebooks, before deciding which titles to purchase in perpetuity. The evidence to support this decision is supplied in the form of usage reports, highlighting which titles are the most popular within the institution during that period.


Where is the furthest you have travelled so far for a customer visit?

In August 2017 I went to Scotland and visited 7 institutions, I flew into Inverness and then drove down to Glasgow and then across to Edinburgh. It was a long week and a lot of driving but it was my first ever trip to Scotland so it was great to see so much of it and visit so many institutions!


What are some of your favourite elements of your role?

I really love getting out and visiting customers. It’s so nice getting the chance to put faces to names. It’s also a good feeling when you’ve been working with a customer and they decide to go ahead with a purchase.


What’s the worst part?!

Early morning starts to get on the motorway and when you find a service station that doesn’t have an M&S!


Finally, what do you like about working for Cambridge University Press?

Working for a university press is great as we’re a branch of the university and publish high quality titles. As we’re not for profit, any profit we do raise goes back to the University or directed into other projects that help our customers such as Cambridge Core.

I also really love working with my team, everyone is very supportive and extremely encouraging and together we all work really well together.

Having previously worked in a relatively small publishing house and moving to somewhere so well-known and prestigious it should have probably felt slightly daunting but it hasn’t at all! It’s such a great company to work for.


Main picture credit: Tobias Fischer


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