We are excited to share with you the latest development with Cambridge Core Share – a shareable PDF!

Following the success of our new sharing service, Cambridge Core Share, in December 2017, we have now expanded the functionality to include shareable PDFs. For the journals that have activated Cambridge Core Share, you now also have the option to create a shareable PDF with the link embedded to post anywhere on the internet, including on scholarly collaboration networks.

The shareable PDF is short, simple and effective; a one page document which includes the cover, title information, abstract and an embedded link to a read-only version of the article. All you need to do is click on the ‘within PDF’ option and the shareable PDF will open in a separate tab ready for downloading.



This new feature was built in-house by our expert developers and we hope you find it useful. Click here to find out more about Cambridge Core Share.

As always we welcome your feedback, if you would like to contact us please email [email protected]

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