Professor Almudena Suárez, Editor in Chief of the International Journal of Microwave and Wireless Technologies, discusses the European Microwave Week 2017 special issue.

The Special Issue on EuMW 2017 contains 27 papers which are extensions of top-ranked contributions at the conference. The issue presents significant theoretical and technological advances in a variety of relevant and emerging topics in the microwave field, including:

  • Broadband power amplifier design for 5G communication systems
  • Progress in semiconductor technologies
  • Evolution in tunable microwave devices
  • Improvements in integrated circuits and systems
  • Developments in radar systems

Among the outstanding research results presented in this issue is a multi-octave receiver chain for use in a monolithic integrated vector analyzer, going from 1 GHz to 32 GHz, which has received the IJMWT Best Paper Award in 2017. It demonstrates a readout device for integrated microwave sensors based on a monolithically integrated vector network analyzer. It is usable in non-invasive microwave biosensors, which use electromagnetic waves for detection of the vital parameters and industrial applications to enable robots to perceive their near surrounding.

Another outstanding work contributes to the progress of millimeter-wave integrated circuits towards the 1 terahertz range, with high interest for future communications and sensing solutions due to the exponential growth of the data rate in wireless communication. The paper presents a sub-THz and THz integration platform based on micromachined waveguides on silicon. The demonstrated components in the frequency range 225–325 GHz include waveguides, filters, waveguide via, and low-loss transitions between the waveguide and the monolithic integrated circuits.

Another paper addresses tunable microwave devices which will be fundamental to enhance the functionality of the modern wireless systems. At high frequencies, liquid crystal exhibits a low loss and it is very promising for the implementation of tunable devices. The paper describes a liquid-crystal amplitude tuner and a pioneering implementation of an electrically tunable liquid crystal based SIW filter.

You can get free access to all 27 articles featured in the European Microwave Week 2017 Special Issue until 31st December by clicking here.

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