The Irish Journal of Psychological Medicine (IJPM) is proud to participate in this year’s Mental Illness Awareness Week (7-13 Oct, 2018). This week serves as an invaluable opportunity to highlight the issue of mental health on the international stage, while helping to destigmatise and raise awareness of those suffering from mental illness. As the official Journal of the College of Psychiatrists of Ireland, one of the main objectives of the IJPM is to publish high quality research and content that will help improve outcomes for those suffering with mental illness. Through this work it also aims to raise awareness of mental illness and make it a central part of the public discourse.  As a reflection of the quality of its work, the IJPM was recently accepted for indexing on Medline, the online biographical citation for the PubMed database used internationally to provide access to the world’s biomedical journal literature. As a result IJPM content can now be more readily accessed from around the world.

A central theme of this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week is “young people and mental health in a changing world”. With rates of mental illness in young people on the rise globally, this is an important topic. The September 2018 issue of IJPM is dedicated to exploring the diagnosis and treatment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), a mental health difficulty affecting large numbers of young people worldwide. IJPM has also recently dedicated special issues to Youth Mental Health and coercion. By focusing research on such key mental health topics, the IJPM aims to improve our knowledge for critical aspects of mental health by enabling experts in a particular field to come together to highlight relevant issues.

As part of the IJPMs goal to promote awareness and improve knowledge of mental illness, we are offering free access to several articles throughout the month of October. These articles aim to cover a broad range of topics including youth mental health, ADHD, and examining mental disorder among a homeless population  in Ireland. We hope that these articles help to stimulate the kind of awareness and debate around mental health issues that is a key component of Mental Health Awareness Week.

IJPM aims to disseminate original scientific research to a national and international readership with the objective of improving clinical practice and service development in mental health. Visit to learn more.

In honor of Mental Illness Awareness Week and World Mental Health Day, Cambridge University Press is giving away 200+ free journal articles and book chapters related to mental health and wellbeing for the full month of October 2018. Click here to learn more.

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