Given the high prevalence of mental disorders, it is unfortunate that public’s knowledge about mental disorders has generally lagged behind that for major physical diseases. To make matter worse, people who suffer from mental illness are often stigmatized. The stigma against people with mental illness stems from public’s lack of knowledge. To reduce stigmatization, it is useful to disseminate knowledge about mental health. Mental Illness Awareness Week (Oct. 7-13) offers an excellent opportunity to introduce some research ideas and findings to raise public’s mental illness awareness.

Journal of Pacific Rim Psychology (JPRP) has published highly relevant research articles addressing mental health and related issues in contemporary societies. The journal is devoted to advancing public’s knowledge about mental disorders by providing an international platform for timely dissemination of important research ideas and findings. Although the title of the journal mentions the Pacific Rim, it aims to go beyond this regional focus; the journal seeks to address issues pertaining to mental health and well-being of people all over the world.

Here are some featured JPRP articles selected for the Mental Illness Awareness Week. The first article examines the mediation role of self-esteem for self-stigma on quality of life for people with schizophrenia. Other articles investigates issues across a wide spectrum of mental health topics, including depression, drug intervention, posttraumatic growth, safety and so on. These studies focus on various target groups, including adolescents, immigrants, refugees, alcohol addicts, and more.

JPRP hopes its efforts can enhance public’s compassion, empathy and understanding for people with mental illness, which will protect them from the stigma and give them the courage to seek help actively.

JPRP is devoted to advancing psychological science by providing an international platform for timely dissemination of important research ideas and findingsVisit to learn more.

In honor of Mental Illness Awareness Week and World Mental Health Day, Cambridge University Press is giving away free journal articles and book chapters related to mental health and wellbeing for the full month of October 2018. Click here to learn more.


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