Related content trials now live on Cambridge Core!


Following the invaluable feedback from our customers, we are excited to announce two trials for related content have started on Cambridge Core with TrendMD and Unsilo.

We have chosen to run two trials in tandem because we understand how useful a tool like related content is and want to be sure we are selecting the right option for you. The trials will run for three months to allow us enough time to analyse their success, and because the functionality behind the widgets are based on machine learning algorithms they become more accurate the more they are used.


…so over to you to come try them out!


Both trials work in a similar way, by pulling in related content to the content landing page, but differ in that Unsilo only relates to journal content on Cambridge Core, whereas TrendMD relates to both book and journal content on Cambridge Core and other publisher sites too.

As this is a trial, the related content isn’t showing on all of our content pages. But, if you are conducting research in History, Politics and International Relations, or Fluid Mechanics, you should now see a related content panel showing on the right hand side of a journal abstract page, or showing as a tab alongside the references and metrics tabs on a book contents page (if included). See example content below.



We have set various parameters to measure in-house to assess the effectiveness and usefulness of each trial, and of course welcome your feedback. If you would like to get in contact with us please email [email protected]. To get started just have a look at one of the examples below or visit Cambridge Core and get searching!


TrendMD examples:

Ethics and International Affairs article

Gas Turbines 


Unsilo examples:

Antiquity article

Historical Journal article

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