Q & A with Becky Rosario – Library Sales Support Coordinator

Q: You are a Library Sales Support Coordinator – what does that mean?

A: Coordination isabout different elements of a whole working together to achieve something. For me, acting as a resource for the Sales Support Assistants as well as the Sales Reps and Managers, allows me to support our customer needs, and know what it takes on the backend to provide that service. Balance is so important.


Q: What did you previously do to this job role? And before Cambridge?

A: I was a Library Sales Support Assistant before becoming Coordinator. It was a natural progression from the grassroots work of Sales Support to more of a leadership role where I can oversee larger projects to improve our team’s organization and efficiency. Before Cambridge, I worked in retail sales as a Visual Merchandiser and Team Mentor in the home décor/interior organization sector.


Q: What made you choose to become involved with sales support?

A: In college, I did research at my school’s library using eBooks and academic journals. Cambridge has always been a reliable and recognizable name and I wanted to know more about the process of getting those texts into student’s hands. Being a member of the Library Sales team has definitely opened my eyes to all the effort on both sides – us as the publisher and librarians at institutions.


Q: You are based in the Cambridge office in New York– what does a typical day involve for you?

A: After a packed subway commute into Manhattan and an elevator ride up to the 20th floor, I head to my desk. I’m seated near the windows, so I can see a bit of cityscape. I check what’s on my daily To Do List. Tasks could be running reports, putting together quotes for customers, processing orders, or a specific data project. I’ll update my list depending on what new email may have come to my inbox. I respond to any timely emails straight away – could be a customer or another department, like Customer Service. Then I get to work on my priorities. During lunch, I usually read on one of the comfy couches in the office.


Q: You support customer and Cambridge sales reps; can you tell me what kind of preparation you need to do to make sure everyone is supported?

A: I think the best ways to be supportive are to have clear communication and be organized. I need to make sure I’m understanding what the customer is asking for before I can try to help. If a rep has an inquiry about an invoice from a year ago, my files and emails are organized so I can search in them quickly.


Q: Can you describe the most interesting call you’ve ever fielded from a customer?

A: Our team only sells digital product and I had a customer who kept receiving canceled print invoices. She was quite confused because she didn’t recall ever ordering them, but wanted to make sure either way. Turns out it was a professor ordering desk copies, but then changing their mind and since my contact was the librarian on the university’s account, she received the paper trail. All was corrected and she was very lovely and patient through it all.


Q: What are some of your favorite elements of your role?

A: I love coaching and training people. If I’ve streamlined a process or know how to make a difficult concept easier to understand, I’m going to share that info. I don’t always have the answers, but brainstorming with others helps get the job done and I love collaborating.


Q: What’s the worst part?!

A: When Excel crashes on you! I’m constantly saving as I go, but it can catch you off guard! So much data!


Q: Finally, what do you like about working for Cambridge University Press?

A: I like working for Cambridge because our press not only has a long history, but is also a non-profit organization. I feel good working for a place that has an open dialogue about improving so that employees and customers are supported and happy.




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