Journal of Materials Research (JMR) annually publishes an issue devoted to early career scholars in materials research. The most recent issue, published January 14, 2019, is freely available here.

If you are an early career researcher who has completed your Ph.D, but have not yet achieved full professorship or equivalent position in a non-academic organization, I invite you to submit your best work for peer review and publication in the 2020 Early Career Scholars in Materials Science Issue.

The Annual Issue provides a unique opportunity to be highlighted and promoted early in your research career. And to increase attention, the issue will be published on an open access basis.

Want to learn more?

Watch the webinar below to hear my discussions with three early career scholars from the 2019 Early Career issue of Journal of Materials Research.



As the Editor-in-Chief of JMR, I encourage early career scholars from around the world to submit a paper to the 2020 Annual Issue.

Topical coverage of JMR includes:

• Novel materials discovery
• Electronic, photonic and magnetic materials
• Energy conversion and storage materials
• New thermal and structural materials
• Soft materials
• Biomaterials and related topics
• Nanoscale science and technology
• Advances in materials characterization methods and techniques
• Computational materials science, modeling and theory

Learn more about how to publish in the 2020 JMR Early Career Scholars in Materials Science Annual Issue here. Submission deadline for the 2020 Annual Issue is June 1, 2019.

Gary L. Messing
Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Materials Research

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